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Empower performance excellence with a comprehensive, goal-aligned and adaptable review process for all employees using our performance management solution.

Organisations are realising the value of reward and recognition towards their employees. Measurable performance can align employee expectations with the feedback mechanism.

Measuring, tracking and rewarding employee performance is efficient yet simple with MAX Talent.

Employee goals are aligned with the company’s vision, creating a culture of accountability and productivity. The process is transparent and easy to understand for both employees and HR.


Goal Setting & Performance Management

When employees set their own goals, they feel more connected to the company. This enhances their performance and makes them more accountable for their job and roles. This module helps you to:
  • Enable employees to set their own goals
  • Track goals and align them to the organisation’s vision

Succession Planning

  • Leverage the module’s powerful search to nominate the right successor.
  • Identify employees that are qualified and ready to fill open positions, while identifying positions that need qualified successors.
Track every employee’s performance against quantifiable metrics, to identify potential talents, give early feedback and enhance overall productivity.

360 Degree Feedback

This module gives a clear view to the employees and the employers, allowing you to create a clear pipeline to create the leaders of tomorrow.

PMS Control Centre

  • Retain a channel to open and close the goal setting according to your business needs
  • Include and exclude employees from your PMS cycle and extend the appraisal date as required

Continuous Performance Management

Performance management cannot be a one-time activity. Regular and real time feedback is the most effective mechanism to ensure productivity. With MAX Talent, you can track goals seamlessly and update progress of goals.

Rewards Management (SMILE)

  • Adrenalin makes recognition simple, social, effective and affordable through its Virtual Rewards and Point Credit system.
  • You can send Virtual Rewards or Credit points to more than one employee at once, congratulate the entire team or department, and attach a photo,  all in a few clicks.



The right measurement, aligned with rewards and recognition, is an important aspect of employee growth. MAX Talent helps to manage, track and measure the performance of employees to augment the organisation’s growth.

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