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Make the recruitment process easy, fun, and efficient with MAX Recruit. Attract the best talent with your unique and powerful employer branding.

According to Gartner, poor talent strategy is a top emerging risk that worries organisations. The war for talent is heating up post the pandemic. Hiring the right people for the right job is a key business driver, enabling your company’s growth. MAX Recruit enables you to attract the best talent with powerful employer branding.

The platform is powered by AI which allows you to provide a great recruitment experience for candidates and robust and efficient resume screening.


Max Job Board Management

Plan your hiring requirements and facilitate tracking of individual skills to recruit the right talent for the right job

  • Publish on multiple channels such as job boards, head hunters, websites, internal employees, and referrals
  • Ensure that the open positions are matched to the right candidates
  • Attach document checklist for each position
  • Streamlined employee sourcing and screening process
  • List of easily retrievable skills, talents, and people
  • Identify individual skills and map them to the right role

Build a personalised brand with a tailored candidate microsite, giving candidates insight into the organisation. The Candidate Microsite creates a unified view to attract the right talent.

Max Candidate Portal

  • Personalise the portal to include your branding
  • Create a qualified candidate funnel using a pre-application questionnaire
  • Enable candidates to access the open positions and set job alerts for preferred positions
  • Integrate with external assessment sites for recruitment evaluation

For the candidates, the experience is seamless

  • Easy sign-up using popular social media channels such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Apply for multiple vacancies
  • Get job alerts based on preference
  • Enable candidates to upload video profiles
  • Track application status
  • Accept or reject the offer
  • Complete employee pre-boarding

Consultant Portal

The Consultant Portal engages with multiple recruitment consultants and connects them with job openings through a single, seamless interface. It enables you to:

  • Onboard and manage the appropriate consultants
  • Assign the requirements to the right consultant through the portal
  • Track consultant-wise job openings and progress
  • Manage invoices and payments for vendors and consultants

AI Resume Ranking

The next step is to evaluate your candidates. AI Resume Ranking leverages AI and ML to efficiently match positions and candidates. The module uses a proprietary AI-based scoring technique that best fits the candidate to the job and the job to the candidate. Enjoy agile and fail-safe recruitment with the most advanced AI capabilities.

Interview and Selection Management

A user-friendly dashboard enables recruiters to keep track of candidates before, during, and after the interview, screening, and selection process is carried out. All details of the interviews and the selection process are recorded and are easily retrievable.

Background Verification Portal

A transparent verification process enables you to finalise the right candidate. The portal gives you full access to the candidate’s history, documents, and verification status to identify any red flags.

Once the selection process is complete, close the loop with:

  • Detailed comparison of candidates to issue offer letters
  • Manage pre-joining formalities
  • Easily accessible application history while tracking offer acceptance

Once a candidate is recruited, their details are automatically added to the MAX Foundation, allowing recruiters to complete the joining formalities without any hassle.

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