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Maximise accuracy throughout the employee lifecycle with MAX Payroll's automated compensation and payroll management.

Multiple sources of payroll information, manual or semi-automated processes, and lack of a single source of truth for compensation and payroll are major challenges for organisations in the payroll process.

MAX Payroll offers a single view window to manage payroll processing and settlement activities. MAX Payroll provides seamless payroll capability for India, the Philippines, and the MEA region.


Compensation and Benefit Designer

The robust, automated solution allows an expansive configuration of salary structures, with several diverse components to create a robust pay structure.

  • Configure pay structure with an exhaustive list of pay components
  • Structure salary along with the requisite components based on position and grade of employees
  • Enable employees to choose friendly flexible benefit plans effortlessly
  • Facilitate multi-currency configuration for payments
  • Empower employees and managers with self-service options
  • Configure bonus calculations, especially for blue collar workforce

Pay Process

Pay Engine

  • Manage payroll with a step-by-step process guided approach
  • Ensure efficient and accurate pay process with the complex configurations
  • Validate supporting documents and process flexible benefits
  • Exhaustive pay process reconciliation at an individual component level
  • Accommodate monthly & bi-monthly pay depending on the country or organisation’s requirements
  • Include ad-hoc payments with applicable statutory compliance


  • Compare between regimes and choose the best suited regime for taxation
  • User friendly investment declaration, proof submission and validation screens
  • Comprehensible tax estimator with distinct calculations for employees
  • Hassle free e-TDS filing
  • Generate intricate and tedious Form 16 without manual interventions


  • Pre-built bank advice template for India & Philippines, with access to detailed reports
  • Trigger customised pay slips to the employee mailbox directly, which can also be accessed through bots
  • Generate over 100 post payroll reports, that can be downloaded with a click of a button
  • Seamless integration with the financial application for accounting journal vouchers (JV)

Final settlements

  • The highly configurable automated flow of elements such as Unpaid Salary, Unclaimed Leave Travel Allowance, Overtime pay, Leave Encashment, Pension, Gratuity, Bonus, Reimbursements, Notice Pay and Advance
  • Save time by processing settlements in bulk
  • Enable Provisional settlements process to meet business requirements
  • Front end pay-out element configuration for final
    settlements in the MEA region

Statutory & Compliance

  • Predefined configuration for PF, ESIC, PT, LWF and bonus in India or as per compliance requirements in other countries
  • Generate mandatory and supportive reports in the requisite formats to ensure compliance
  • Statutory remittance filing according to requirements

Benefits Administration

  • Administration of medical, vacation, and education benefits as per appropriate configurations and requirements
  • Payroll & non-payroll related claims & reimbursements
  • Administration of non-CTC based benefits



Payroll and compensation are vital in any organisation's functions. Managing payroll effectively with accurate compensation with MAX Payroll ensures employee satisfaction as well as adequate compliance

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