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Enable upskilling and re-skilling seamlessly with the learning linked to performance and career development to engage and retain your talent.

The post COVID-19 business environment is dynamic and hybrid. As markets become competitive, companies must reinforce skills and add new skills to stay abreast of new developments. As we transition to a hybrid work environment, online training and virtual classrooms are taking centre stage.

MAX Learn offers you a one-stop shop to prioritise all your learning needs with content.

It provides personalised learning, where your teams can choose the programs at their own pace.


  • Personalised content recommendations based on learning needs.
  • ‘My Training’ section to monitor trainings nominated for or completed.
  • Ability to view available training programmes.
  • Unearth new talent and chart out career paths for your team.
  • Includes learning through several scenarios -  virtual instructor-led training (VILT), digital learning, classroom based, and social learning.
  • Employees can view and upload files to the library.
  • Users can provide feedback on training courses and trainers.
  • Users and trainers can view the forum and participate in course related discussions.
  • Trainers can view the learning trends based on analytics.
  • Customised pre and post assessment tests for each training programme.
  • Build an individualised and measurable competency index indicating each learner's existing skills and competencies and align them to their current role requirements.
  • Drive career mobility with a skills roadmap identifying individual learners' competencies.
  • Measure performance against the learning goals.
  • Enable employees to visualise the dashboard.
  • Create e-learning courses that can be accessed by the learner at any time.
  • Generate intelligent content.
  • Create forums and initiate discussion threads.
  • Initiate separate groups for classroom and e-learning training.
  • ‘My Trainer Events’ for trainers to view training details.
  • Create a library as an online repository of documents.



Upskilling and re-skilling employees with the newest and the latest knowledge holds the key to the organisation’s growth. Max Learn takes care of all training needs with personalised programmes with user friendly interfaces for easy learning.

- Senior Vice President and Head - Human Resources, Global Health Limited (Medanta)

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