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Maximise employee engagement and improve the people experience through collaboration and feedback.

The best workplace is one that cares for its employees and then positions employee engagement as the catalyst for improving important business outcomes - Gallup

Employees are typically engaged when there is demonstrable enthusiasm and commitment toward the work and the workplace. When employees are engaged, they are committed to the organisation’s success and growth.

MAX Engage ensures that appropriate communication reaches the employees, and the whole organisation is on the same page. With better performance and higher retention rates, the whole organisation is collectively committed to achieving organisational goals.


Social Connect

Social media is all pervasive. With the next generation’s extensive use of social media, it can be used to communicate, engage, and enhance productivity. Adrenalin’s Social Connect helps employees to collaborate and grow together.

  • Increase collaboration between employees and allow for improved knowledge dissemination
  • Promote a culture of knowledge creation and sharing in your organisation with the help of various content and collaboration tools


Creating a social environment for employees enhances team spirit, cooperation and productivity

  • Space for employees to share photos, videos and articles of interest
  • Create events, polls and post internal jobs
  • Create groups of employees for targeted engagement
  • Enable private & public chats
  • Create organisational wiki pages & internal discussion threads

Surveys are a great tool to recognise the pulse of the people. MAX Survey helps you to keep your finger on this pulse to remain alert to any unusual shifts, positive or negative. With this tool, you can also understand employees’ needs, desires and sentiments through surveys. Gather information from employees easily in an organised manner.

MAX Survey management enables you to create, send, and collect responses by empowering the development, distribution and analysis of survey forms to improve communication, process management, and decision making.


Engagement Surveys are a great way to ascertain how engaged your people are with the organisation. These surveys help you to:

  • Understand the pulse of your workforce
  • Set up seamlessly to gather data effectively
  • Run surveys based on different events such as career anniversaries, onboarding, etc.

Rewards Management (SMILE)

  • SMILE makes recognition simple, social, effective and affordable through its Virtual Rewards and Point Credit system
  • You can send Virtual Rewards or Credit points to motivate colleagues, and congratulate the entire team or department, all in a few clicks


Gamification helps you to engage better with your employees while making the work environment enjoyable. This encourages and enthuses employees to perform better, work harder and stay longer.



Foster better employee engagement and collaboration with user friendly and easy to adapt platform. Embrace MAX Engage to build communities and measure the engagement and employee satisfaction.

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