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Maximise data efficiency with MAX Foundation's central employee repository and easy data capture from all sources.

For any large organisation, tracking all employee information digitally is a complex process. The HR Foundation modules make this process simple with a single view across the employee’s entire lifecycle in your organisation.

With the availability of the employee’s personal and professional data in a single pane repository, you can ensure accuracy and efficiency, save time and effort, access the information anytime, anywhere, and eliminate the risk of data loss.


From day one of the employee’s lifecycles with your organisation, our onboarding module enables digital recording of all processes. Our customisable, exhaustive, easily accessible, and retrievable repository enables you to store all the employees’ personal and professional data. Save time and effort for large sizes of data with the option of bulk upload.

  • Capture employees’ professional information in one single-pane repository
  • Define complex employee compensation structures seamlessly
  • Enable restricted, need-based access to employee information based on role
  • Gather additional information through a customised form to meet organisational needs

Once employees are on-boarded, the entire employee lifecycle can be easily accessed and managed.

  • Employee information can be easily captured, updated, and recorded
  • Flexibility to handle exceptions to confirm or extend the employee’s probation period

Transition is inevitable in today’s environment of hybrid work models for organisations on a growth trajectory. MAX Foundation helps you handle the transition with a custom workflow, whether it’s due to business exigencies or personal aspirations.

  • Initiate movement of employees seamlessly as per business requirements
  • Pre-designed mail content with
    bookmark features enable you to keep your stakeholders informed, also allowing you to modify based on your requirements
  • Pre-designed, configurable mail to notify stakeholders
  • Enhance security with access control enabled with role-based privileges

Turnover is imminent in any organisation. However, ensuring a flawless off-boarding process is key to compliance. With MAX Foundation, handle the entire exit process through a single screen with push notifications to all stakeholders to take actions as per the role.

  • With business continuity a major concern for HR today, easily reassign the roles and responsibilities of the exiting employee to a successor
  • Initiate activities with different process owners online to ensure compliance with the handover procedures
  • Customisable digital form for an exit interview to capture inputs from employees
  • Control attrition with insights to course correct HR strategy

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