Sara presents a new standard of excellence

With Sara, Adrenalin endeavours to create a game-changer that will enrich user experience with truly transformative Digital HR.

Leveraging the true power and potential of AI, Sara is remarkable in its ability to grow and get smarter the more you interact.

Super Sara
Welcome to the age of True Digital Empowerment.

Contextually aware-Powered by NLP capabilities & Multilingual
Real-time Interaction
Pullback and Approve Pending Transactions
Web Crawling feature displays the most relevant answers to the raised queries while it navigates the vast www(world wide web)
Meaningful Regular Updates
Interact either through Text or Voice
Ease of Maintenance
24x7 Personal assistant

Cutting-Edge functionality and beyond

Leave Management

  • • View Leave Balances
  • • Raise Leave Requests
  • • Cancel Leave Requests
  • • Raise Comp-off Requests

Attendance Management

  • • View Attendance Calendar
  • • Raise Permission Request
  • • Regularize Attendance
  • • Get Attendance Regularized Details
  • • Cancel Attendance Regularization

General Management

  • • People Directory
  • • Update Contact Number with OTP
  • • View JOB Details
  • • View & Update Personal Information
  • • Pending for Approvals
  • • Pullback Transactions
  • • Express Yourself
  • • Manage Video Tutorials & User Manuals

Talent Management

  • • View Training Calendar
  • • View Completed Training Details
  • • Upcoming Training Details
  • • View Performance Appraisal Ratings for the Last 5 Years

Driving delight across touch points

Speedy resolution of HR related queries

Minimize the query window with Sara. Employees can now raise HR related query and get personalized information in real-time.

Easy Integrations with apps

Employees can interact with Sara through other social apps without getting into the application.

Greater Time

Sara assists organizations to automate the time-consuming HR tasks, thus saving cost and leading to greater time efficiency.

Improved Onboarding Experience

Create a unique onboarding experience for new hires. Sara can help the new employees with access to policy documents and guide them through the company’s terms and conditions with the help of documents and videos, significantly improving the onboarding experience.

Improved Employee Experience

Sara can display employee information and can deliver specific response instead of generic response to the queries. Our conversational interface responds to employee query in real time there by improving employee experience. Sara can capture user emotions and display sentiment analysis.

Quick access to Company related FAQs

Sara serves as an assistant and guides employees in accessing relevant information relating to company policies.

Fast Track your career growth

Sara serves as an assistant and guides employees in accessing relevant information relating to company policies.