The Two Major Contributors to
Success – Mindset and Drive

Given that everything we do is largely influenced and shaped by our mindsets (and we will understand more about it as we go along), we focus first on that – sitting side by side with it is what we know as passion and energy put together – we will call it Drive, the insatiable desire to achieve and achieve not just the ordinary but the extraordinary!

Mindsets influence careers tremendously, be it that of a sportsperson or a movie star; this is of particular relevance to professionals in business and more so to our profession, HR and our function. Simply because our mindsets impact not only our lives and careers but on the way we play out our role in HR as it determines the way we look at things, challenges, people, situations and the business at large

It is reported that when Satya Nadella took charge as CEO of Microsoft, a couple of years ago, he initiated a learning effort centred on understanding fixed and growth mindsets for all of his management team! This concept of "mindsets" is clearly gaining huge ground and it is therefore relevant for us in HR to get a fair grip of it.

So in HR, what would it mean to wear a fixed mindset? Typically, that would translate to set ways of doing things – initial explorations will lead to finiteness and explorations will come to a halt.

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