May 07,2018

One of the largest manufacturers of Material Handling Equipments and industrial gears in Asia has gone live on Adrenalin HRMS

Chennai (India), May7, 2018: Adrenalin eSystems Limited, a global product and software solutions company in HR automation, today announced that Elecon Engineering Company Ltd has gone live on Adrenalin Global HRMS. Adrenalin HRMS will help Elecon Engineering to create a performance first culture by providing a futuristic digital HR platform which will bring the best out of the employees. 
Adrenalin has successfully implemented modules like HR Foundation, Workforce administration, Payroll, Compensation Planning & Administration, Enterprise Social Networking –Social Connect, Biometric Integration, Mobile App in phase 1. Phase 2 will be followed by strategic modules like Talent Acquisition, Performance Alignment, Training Management, Talent Development.

With Adrenalin HRMS Elecon Engineering is expecting following benefits
• Single and Centralized HR Solution 
• Accurate Payroll processing 
• Automated and optimized Appraisal cycles 
• Reduction in manual efforts 
• HR process automation 
• Accurate insights related to employees 
• Streamlined Talent Management process

About Elecon Engineering Company Ltd : 
Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. was established in the year 1951 as The Pioneers in the manufacturing of Industrial Geared motors and Reducers, Material Handling Equipment, Mining equipment, casting processes etc. Elecon is one of the largest manufacturers of Material Handling Equipments and Industrial Gears in Asia. Elecon has expertise in the manufacturing of custom-made Gearboxes for Steel Mills, High Speed Turbines, Satellites for ISRO and also for the Naval Aircraft carriers and many growth sector industries successfully.