Oct 12,2020

Intellect Design Arena uses Adrenalin Max as its new Human Capital Management (HCM) Solution

Chennai (India), October 12, 2020: Mr. Vijay Rangaraju, Senior VP – HR, Intellect Design Arena, said, “We’ve been associated with Adrenalin for a very long time. When Adrenalin Max was under development, we had the opportunity to share our insights on its functionality. Once Max was ready for launch, we wanted the software to be implemented at the earliest. We love the UI and the convenience that Max has brought with it.”

Adrenalin Max brings with it a lot of functionalities and the latest UI bundled in. Intellect was happy to forego their earlier customizations, as Max had everything built in.

Intellect’s transition from Adrenalin 5.X to Max, was seamless. Migration was done with the ‘Co-existence model’, and the system is able to dynamically refer to the right product, for reports and analytics. Furthermore, Vijay added that the product is very intuitive, thereby making it easy for their associates to use.