Jan 18,2018

Fast Paced, High Growth Companies Select Adrenalin HCM to power their most valuable assets- people Adrenalin builds momentum in India by adding 33 Large and Medium Enterprise Customers in Q3.

Chennai (India) January 10, 2018- Adrenalin eSystems Limited(Aesys), a global HR product and software solutions company announced today that the company has seen a rapid growth in new business at the end of the 3rd quarter. This rapid growth is being powered by a fast-growing customer base of Large and Medium Enterprises which are adopting Adrenalin HCM Technologies as their core partner for human capital transformation, as many as 33 new customer entities have been added during Q3 in India alone.

The modern business ecosystem is characterized by an incredible fluidity in Human Capital; Talent today is in a constant free flow to meet the surges in global demand. This has resulted in a significant increase in paperwork and processes and it translates to mounting complexity for time-strapped HR teams. Adrenalin HCM simplifies the process by addressing each of the pain-points in the process with simple easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy solutions.

Adrenalin offers comprehensive HCM Solution that epitomise hassle-free use with easy extensibility. Adrenalin’s Social Connect and Mobile HCM solution allows organization to create an engaged workforce by giving any time anywhere access to work. Adrenalin’s comprehensive learning management systems helps large and medium enterprises to meet all their training, learning and development needs. This makes it ideal for fast paced, high growth companies to have a definite need for speed. Adrenalin drives exponential value with its ability to leverage workforce insights with Analytics that become the bedrock for decision-making. Continuous innovation and commitment to pushing the frontiers of HCM has led Adrenalin to become the preferred HR Solution partner for many Large and Medium Enterprise Customers across South Asia, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Some of the Companies that have signed up with Adrenalin HCM in the recent past are Elecon Engineering, Modern Foods, AGS Cinemas, AMCO Batteries, CRI Pumps, Smart Drive Systems, Tata Sky Broadband, GraphX Solutions, Evoke Technologies and many more. All these companies were looking for a Comprehensive HCM solution to improve process efficiency. They were looking for a single source of truth which would seamlessly integrate with their existing business applications and help them leverage valuable insights on Human Capital. Transformative Digital HR catalyzes business growth and decision-making. With Adrenalin HCM Solution in place, these vibrant organisations seek the following benefits:
• Streamlining of HR Processes and protocols
• Secure and scalable HR software that helps the transition to real automation, facilitating faster growth 
• Laying a Strong and Robust Technology Foundation for the future
• Easy access to information on-the-go using mobile devices
• Hassle-free handling of payroll requirements and compliance 
• Make fact-based decisions rapidly and more efficiently

Commenting on the news Mr. Sridhar Ganesh – MD & CEO of Adrenalin eSystems Limited said, “The business ecosystem in India is being re-energized and redefined by the fast paced, high growth companies. These businesses are looking for partners; who offer solutions that are agile, modular and intuitively smart. Adrenalin HCM has emerged as a partner-of-choice for this vibrant sector. Our cutting edge HCM solution is ideally suited for the business needs of such companies – incredible ease of use, powerful functionality and flexibility make our product the perfect fit with our customer’s vision of rapid growth and building a technology backbone that is optimized for the future!”