May 25,2017

Adrenalin launches MoodXpress an Employee Engagement Platform New feature in Adrenalin's Social Connect to enable workforce to express their mood of the day

Chennai (India), April 25, 2017 - Adrenalin eSystems Ltd, a global product and software company in HR automation, announced today that it has launched a new feature MoodXpress as part of its Social Connect Platform. MoodXpress provides near real-time measurement of employee engagement and encourages employee happiness which directly impacts productivity.

Studies show that happier workers are substantially more productive, and that team members with negative emotions can sour the entire group dynamic. Using technology to pinpoint these feelings early could help organizations improve the culture at their firms and increase employee retention. Research has shown employees who identified themselves as happy in their positions are productive 80 percent of the time at work. Comparatively, employees who identified themselves as unhappy were only productive 40 percent of the time. To bridge this gap and to enable employee engagement, Adrenalin’s MoodXpress feature in Social Connect platform will help to evaluate managerial effectiveness, measure organization’s HR initiatives, and drive engagement outcomes through this powerful employee relation tool.

MoodXpress which is available in Mobile (Android and iOS) and Web helps to measure the level of employee engagement, capture their mood and encourage employee happiness. This new feature is a part of Adrenalin’s Social Connect offering and it is a powerful employee relation tool. The application available in a dashboard captures the organizations pulse with Zero Cost and builds effective teams with positive work culture. The application which cultivates the Feedback culture will help the organizations to quickly uncover the issues that are affecting their team's performance. It also enables the workforce to create multiple MoodXpress in a day.

Commenting on the launch, Krishna G V Giri, Chairman & CEO of Adrenalin, said “With more teams working in different locations, managers are often challenged with how to engage employees. Today, the workplace is fundamentally changing and more companies are looking to get the emotional indicators, MoodXpress is an important new tool to add to the HR and management toolbox. It will provide invaluable insights into the very HR mechanisms that drive employee engagement.”

Employee’s inputs are aggregated to create a dashboard view of the team's happiness across these key areas that impact their performance. With just a glance of your dashboard, the management will know exactly what issues are affecting your team and be able to react at a speed never before possible. The managers and HR can use the data captured in the Dashboard to track morale.

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