Jun 11,2015

Adrenalin Goes Live at India's One Stop Super Specialty Eye Hospital - Dr. Agarwal`s Eye Hospital, empowering 2000 employees

Dr. Agarwal`s Eye Hospital Limited was incorporated in 1994. The hospital is engaged in conducting continuous training and research and development programs and has over a period, developed an excellent team of highly skilled Ophthalmic specialists and surgeons, to assist in its growth plans. "Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital is one of the leading Eye Hospital In south India and is recognized as one of the major eye centers of the world at the XXVI International Congress of Ophthalmology."

Having branches in more than 50 locations with 40 being in India and 12 branches International, the main challenges they faced were multi location and multi-disciplinary employee data management . Cloud based Adrenalin HRMS will now enable Dr. Agrawal's Eye Hospital to connect its locations and consolidate all employee information online thus adding a huge advantage in terms of centralized employee data management, control and policy enforcement. Adrenalin has successfully completed implementation of Employee and Manager self service modules to facilitate employee empowerment and single source of truth in the organization.