Adrenalin Max – Product Philosophy

User Experience is more than just a simple, beautiful and easy-to-use product feature set. Features are but a single aspect of a product. Ultimately, User Experience is about understanding the users and keeping users in the center to deliver the solution. For the Adrenalin Design teams, this means making complex solutions simple and frictionless to address business requirements.


The guiding principles of
Adrenalin Max

Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced User Experience

Latest HR Technology and Solutions

Latest Technology
and Innovative Solutions

Superior performance and speed

Superior Performance and Speed

Mobile Friendly and Cloud focused HRMS

Mobile Friendly and Cloud Focused

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML

HR Analytics


Product Extensibility


Seamless Auto Upgrade

Seamless Auto

Adrenalin Max. Feel the Power

Powerful HRMS System

Adrenalin Max Value Proposition

Less is more

Smarter solution with less
steps to complete work

product adoption

Smarter UI, Easy Navigation
& minimal training

Resource Efficiency

Containers model for micro
services with more cloud focus

Easy Auto Upgrades
and Maintenance.

Periodical auto upgrades
with less person dependency


Reduction in
Implementation time

Adrenalin Max Features

Experience the Adrenalin Advantage

Equip your business with the right HRMS tool to achieve peaking levels of people performance. Adrenalin HRMS Software is designed to align human capital with company goals. Right from acquiring the required skill to managing end-to-end HR processes. Adrenalin's HRMS enables your business to harness the power of human energy.

Adrenalin Max Recruitment Management System
Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management

Powerful data analytics. Cutting-edge AI. Innovation powers the Adrenalin Recruitment solution.

Adrenalin Max Recruitment Management Dashboard
Job Request Management

Automate the employee hiring and induction process. Create vacancies, get appropriate approvals and post the same in candidate portal, internal job boards, etc.

Background Verification Portal

Initiate Background Verification process to recruiter/external vendor.

Interview and Selection Management

Identify ideal candidates, screen them as per organization requirement, schedule multiple types of interviews and track interview results and feedback.

Offer Management

Offer management covers the process of issuing and tracking offers to successful candidates.


Once an employee is recruited, his/her information gets automatically ported into Adrenalin's HRMS database.

Adrenalin Max HR Foundation System
HR Foundation

HR Foundation

Adrenalin Max HR Foundation Dashboard
Employee Information

Stay up to date on employee information roles with ease as employee events (Transfer, Promotion, Confirmation, End of contract) happen

Confirmation Management

Handle employeeconfirmation with orwithout appraisal process.

Transition Management

Initiate movement of employees seamlessly as per business requirements

Separation Management

Allow employees/managers/HR managers to record resignation

Adrenalin Workforce Management System

Workforce Management

Adrenalin Workforce Management Dashboard
Absence, Attendance and timesheet Management

Plan, record, and approve all types ofabsences, track working time, aid employees for travel and seamlessly stay on top of their claims and reimbursements.

Shift and Scheduling

Create schedules and fit employees into them, they also enable employees and managers to request/change shifts as required.

Travel Management

Request for travel advance in multiple currencies, check for travel request disbursement details and record and view expenses.

Claims and Reimbursements

Create the types of reimbursements and their details that you would process for your employees. Click here to know more about our Workforce Management Solutions

Compensation and Payroll System
and Payroll

Compensation and Payroll

Compensation and Payroll System Dashboard
Compensation and Benefits Management

Tag a compensation template for each position that you define within your organization.

Compensation Planning and Administration

Correlating business data with people data assists HR to ably support their management team withstrategic decisions to forecast, plan, budget resources needed to fulfill business needs.

Payroll Management

Improve process efficiency by seamless information flow to payroll. Click here to know more about our Payroll Software Solutions.

Employee Engagement System
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement System Dashboard
Virtual Social Connect

Make recognition simple, effective and affordable.


Drive business performance through an engaged workforce. Understand Employee’s needs desires and sentiments through surveys.

HR Analytics System


HR Analytics Dashboard

Make data driven decisions with insights at your fingertips. Leverage the vast amounts of data created every day to optimize how you hire, improve workforce profitability, provide visibility and accessibility with Adrenalin Max HR Analytics Software.

Our offering on Analytics will enable organisations to leverage the insights that it throws up in order to take timely corrective measures. It’s the insights from Analytics that will also enable organisations to understand the sentiments of employees thereby empowering them to take smarter decisions in the interests of the business and employees.

The Analytics in Max offers skill gap analysis for each employee and also in accordance with market trends and accordingly recommend training/coaching solutions.

Our ‘Employee Engagement’ solution also enables organisations to foster deeper employee engagement through various mechanisms – like polls & surveys, leader boards, mood express and social connect platforms to express and share their . This allows for a realistic evaluation of employees’ sentiments that has a direct bearing on their performance at work.

Performance management System

Performance Management

Performance management System Dashboard
Goal setting and Performance Management

Align employee goals based on the organization’s balanced scorecard perspective.

Continuous Performance Management

Foster a culture of continuous performance review through the performance review notes.

360 degree Feedback

Generate analytical reports and feedbackon an individual employee, from peers, superiors, subordinates and customers

Rewards management (SMILE)

Maintain positive energy and inspire employees by displaying the recognition received on the employee’s wall and store the same in the employee records.

Career Management System

Career Management

Career Management System Dashboard
Career Development

Enable employees to create targeted career development plans connected to talent and business objectives.

Competency Management

Understand your employees better by knowing their competencies and proficiency levels.

Succession Planning

9-box identification andanalysis of talent gaps helpsidentify areas for developmentand growth planning.

Hr Chatbot System
Sara –
HR Chat bot

Sara – HR Chatbot

Hr Chatbot chat window

Sara is our all-new HR Chatbot that is redefining excellence in this vibrant new field. Loaded with feature-rich functionality, Sara offers you intuitive and hassle-free HR operations. Sara promises to transform your experience at work and help you navigate and simplify the complexities of modern-day HR.

Faster query resolutions
Easy Access to organizational information
Reduced Operational activity and cost for HR teams
Increased Transparency in the organization

Multiple channel support (Web, Mobile, Messenger, WhatsApp etc.)
Conversations in multiple channels
Easy integration with any new channel

Intelligent interactions providing the human touch
Robust General Chitchats

Contextual assistant
providing answers based on the context of the time, location on general chat questions
Crawling through the structured and unstructured data using NLP algorithms

Mobile HCM

Mobile HCM

With our mobile HCM, empower your workforce and allow for easy access to all your HR needs anytime, anywhere. Adrenalin gives instant ability to measure and improve employee performance through analytics. Adrenalin Max HCM on mobile, helps understand what’s happening with the workforce and why, optimizes decision-making with right insights and drives business strategy - today and for the future.

Adrenalin Max Mobile HCM covers major HR touch points including On-Boarding, Travel and Claims.

White Board feature enables transactions and notification on the go.

Mobile Dashboards for easy decision making. Our Mobile Analytics showcases managerial insights and self-service user insights.

Access Reports on Mobile to stay on top of your organizational data.

Adrenalin Max – Who we are!

We believe in the relentless pursuit to win and deliver ahead of time.

We are challengers who value freedom and expression.

We believe that purpose and stories connect, transcend, heal and transform.

We believe that no one wants to be talked to but that we all seek to be engaged.

We believe in possibilities, dreams, and curiosity.

We celebrate the creative spirit of the human.

We learn continuously and from those who are smarter than we are.

We believe that the best way to change the mind is through the heart.

We believe that it is as important to listen, as it is to speak.

We believe in telling the truth.

We believe that something deep inside each of us longs for connection to something bigger than ourselves.

We believe in supporting the work of others to co create something bigger and more useful.

We believe in the dignity of each person, regardless of level or position and title.

We embrace new technologies and ideas.

We believe in fun and lightness as in that lies all energy.

Trusted by over 700 Businesses
and 1 Million Users

Adrenalin HR software is Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud ready. Globally 700+ clients in 33+ verticals across 65+ countries have realised the value of human potential with Adrenalin.