HR Software Features

Features and Benefits

Adrenalin helps organizations and business leaders maximize human performance and drives business growth.Adrenalin acts as a single source of truth which leads to a golden copy for analytics and decision making.


  • Web based software available on Microsoft.Net® and IBM Lotus® platforms
  • Automates business to employee administrative and strategic processes
  • Accessible to every employee with self-service features
  • Work flow based
  • Automates routine HR and employee processes, allows managers and employees to directly access key functional business processes, information and business intelligence / reports
  • Maintains / manages HR data

Business Benefits

Adrenalin helps organizations and business leaders maximize organizational human performance and thereby deliver business growth.

The Business benefits of Adrenalin:

  • Provides a platform for better business-to-employee communication thereby paving the way for a transparent, positive and high performance work culture.
  • Aids in aligning individual goals to organizational goals, and provides a platform to quickly agree on views and actions
  • Supports informed decision making through analytics and reporting tools that allow the Business Leaders and Managers to review performance and other metrics related to human capital.
  • Gives all employees a single window web based portal for all their HR processes, reducing time spent on administrative activities and significantly enhancing individual and corporate productivity.
  • Relegates administrative efficiencies to the machines and creates a more strategy focused HR Department.
  • Consolidates all employee information in one central repository eliminating the need for multiple employee data files maintained by individuals across the HR department
  • Automates time-and error prone manual processes, achieves considerable reduction in administrative time and costs.
  • Adrenalin empowers HR leaders to engage and manage the real assets in business: The Employees

Technology Benefits:

  • Lowest TCO amongst comparable systems
  • Integrates with most current IT systems, especially Mail, Finance and Payroll
  • Leverages existing infrastructure
  • Scalable to suit existing HR business needs
  • Complements your ERP investments

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