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  • “Lafarge Holcim was in need of an integrated HR system to address Global and Localizations needs, without redundancy of work with complex integrated HR ERP systems. Adrenalin was chosen as the preferred HR Solution in 2014 for its Payroll Functionality covering the GCC countries.

    We wanted a simple, seamless and scalable integration solution between Workday the Global solution for Core HR Processes and Adrenalin the localized HR solution for GCC HR processes and Payroll.

    We are very pleased that the Adrenalin integration with Workday has become a reality and the commitment and without adrenalin we would not have achieved our objective.

    Our engagement towards this Project from multiple members at various levels is very much appreciated. We believe that this seamless integration will help Lafarge Holcim in the further automation of our HR functions.“

    Aparna Navin
    Compensation & Benefits Manager GCC

  • “We are one of the leading conglomerates with presence across 5 continents and over 20 countries through our business verticals like Stainless Steel Pipe & Tubes, Carbon Steel Pipes, Coating and Mobile Manufacturing plants.

    Before implementing Adrenalin, we had typical issues of location specific customised HR processes and Systems. Therefore, we wanted a comprehensive HRMS which could streamline our HR process, bring in consistency, transparency and real-time data access. We found Adrenalin as one of the user friendly software that can fulfill our HR automation requirements.

    We are using Adrenalin for over 4 years now. The software has the required flexibility, scalability and can be integrated with various other software. Adrenalin at Ratnamani is now the prime source of all our HR process implementation. This has drastically reduced our response time, brought in transparency &consistency, and has immensely helped in achieving greater employee satisfaction.“

    Jayesh Saluja
    Vice President – Group HR

  • “Rapid changes in the dynamic business environment have affected businesses in more way than we can count, from globalization to organizational adjustments and that’s where we anticipated the need to change, accept and manage our the technology advancements to meet both employees expectations as well as organizations requirement.

    At this juncture, we have implemented complete HRMS of Adrenalin including the Payroll from Attendance integration and online generation of Tax Computation Sheet along with 24Q & Form-16. This has helped us challenge the existing process, create the new paradigms that will help our organization at a greater level.“

    Ghanshyam Purohit
    Sr. Officer – Human Resources

  • “We have been using Adrenalin for over 5 years. Adrenalin has been the single source of truth for information across all locations and geographies helping in accurate and integrated payroll compliances. Moreover, the leave management module is efficient and saves us a lot of manual effort and time. The support extended by the team at Adrenalin has also been excellent till now.“

    Adrian D Cunha
    Head IT

  • “Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service modules in Adrenalin empower employees. When an employee feels empowered, their morale goes up which in turn increases the company’s morale. Additionally, the Analytics and HR intelligence modules in the software are very intuitive. When you use it, its very evident that it not just another database manager but has been built by HR professionals who know what the HR manager wants.“

    MC Muthiah
    Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

  • “Adrenalin eSystems is one stop HR solution from HR basic database to full HR modules (e.g. payroll, Performance management, training…) and we can select related modules very easily based on company’s requirement. Adrenalin’s strong support team helped in the system implementation based on company’s specific requirements and have a quick response time. The team at Adrenalin helped us find a creative solution for the historical data conversion from the legacy HR system and aided in eliminating a lot of manual work. Adrenalin’s Online Issue log system (CSP) is a great tracking tool for the on-going support to ensure all the issue can be track properly to help Adrenalin to improve their service while also help client to track the system performance well.“

    Lily Wu
    APAC Human Resources Director

  • “We have been using Adrenalin HRMS for HR automation process since 2009. Adrenalin was used in our organization for HR operations and meeting the specific needs of our HR. Currently the application is widely being used and we could see the desired benefits. The support extended to us by the team at Adrenalin has also been great till now. “

    Pravin R Shahu
    Associate Vice President - IT

  • “We were looking for a software which would align with our processes and help us in automation with the least change in the way how our organization worked. Adrenalin gave us a good fit of 70-75% alignment and the level they asked us to tweak our manual procedures was not challenging to adapt to. This ensured that the employee acceptability was not challenged and employees felt comfortable using the system given its easy to use interface. In addition, the support team is excellent and has helped us every time we had any issue. Its been 8 years we have been using Adrenalin and would love to continue this association.”

    Shagufta Shaikh

  • “The Adrenalin HR software is very user friendly. It has significantly reduced our operation time and it has proved to give us the best ROI. Our payroll processes have been made very easy and are kept in control. Integrating HR and payroll has given us better control of data which reduces our costs and saves time. In addition, what really makes a difference is the fact that the Adrenalin support team is always ready with a quick response and an effective solution, when required.”

    Sathya Narayan Rao T
    Head – IT

  • “We have been using Adrenalin HCM for the past 2 and half years and have had fantastic experience with the product. We started off by using a few modules before going for the full product. The major pain-points which we were looking to alleviate were attendance capture, processing of payroll and transforming a manual HR system to being fully streamlined and automated. That's where Adrenalin helped us significantly in processing transactions. We were able to reduce the turn around time of any transaction significantly, like if something took us two days, we are now able to finish it in two hours.”

    Manish Kotwani
    VP Human Resources

  • “We have been using Adrenalin since 2008. As of now, 1500 of our employees are on Adrenalin, which enables them to access their attendance, payroll, leave and tax computations via the web portal. The best part about the product is that it is in sync with the industry. The product is very easy to use. From employees to the top management, everyone could adapt to the product within no time. The help-files provided by them are also a great help in case any doubt arises. “

    Amarender Reddy Koduru
    Manager HR

  • ‘FSS is a payment processing oriented organization. We currently employ over 1500 employees in various branches in India and in the world. We have been using Adrenalin since May 2006 and the journey so far has been quite pleasant. The modules used by us are Payroll, PIMS, Attendance and Leave. The Attendance and Leave module has been implemented worldwide and has been running quite successful and efficiently. We had a few challenges but those were quickly overcome by the constant support from Adrenalin. We could call the support team anytime and get help, this gives us comfort. We would like to continue association and implement more modules to enhance and make our HR processes more systematic. I wish Adrenalin all the best in their journey.‘

    Ravi Thilagan
    Head HR

  • Religare is a rapidly evolving organisation and Adrenalin has given us the flexibility and adaptability to support unique sets of business rules and structures for different verticals. We are able to connect with our employees and managers across organisation to exchange information, which has increased our business success. As a HR tool it has boosted administrative efficiency to create a more strategic HR Department. We are able to place and recruit the right people in the right job, develop and reward top performers and retain key talent for the long term. As an alignment tool, Adrenalin has enabled us to embrace a globalised flat-world.

    Kedar Wilankar
    Director - HR

  • “We are using all modules of Adrenalin from hire to retire for streamlining and automating our HR processes. We currently use recruitment, leave management, payroll, training & development and for the strategic part to align my organization and all its units, we use PMS which serves and entrusts that the whole process is streamlined. Another key advantage of Adrenalin is the adaptability to change and its scalability which have significantly helped us in taking better decisions.“

    Subrata Das,
    VP HR, Rainbow Hospital

  • The Adrenalin payroll system is extremely stable and highly advanced. The Payroll Module has benefited us in a huge way over the past 4 years, since May 2006

    Asst. Manager - HR

  • The Adrenalin HR software is very user friendly. It has significantly reduced our operation time and it has proved to give us the best ROI. Our payroll processes have been made very easy and are kept in control. Integrating HR and payroll has given us better control of data which reduces our costs and saves time. In addition, what really makes a difference is the fact that the Adrenalin support team is always ready with a quick response and an effective solution, when required.

    Mehul Panchal
    Manager - IT

  • Exim Bank, Tanzania operates in a fully automated environment in terms of technology and communication systems. With a view to streamline our people processes for managing leave-travel and payroll management system, we were on the lookout for an effective HR solution. We had a disconnected application lacking in data flow from one module to another module resulting in minimal operational controls viz. leave, travel and expenses of employees. We therefore required a comprehensive integrated solution. Adrenalin provided this comprehensive and fully automated HRMS with leave management, travel management, asset management, e-Recruitment and Performance Management System.

    Mr. Samir Mathur

  • “We are using Adrenalin for the past 8-9 years. It meets all our requirement and the team handling is very professional, committed, understands the nuances of HR domain and the product functionalities. Any issues which we have get solved timely. Adrenalin is an effective system which has come to be an integral part of our HR functions and it would be very tedious to manage the HR actions without it. Take Talent Retention and attrition analysis, for instance. It is important to monitor and analyse attrition data and attrition triggers from various perspectives on an ongoing basis.With Adrenalin HRMS, we are able to get various reports with which we can do further detailed and in depth analysis which helps us in gaining perspective and taking the right decisions.”

    Indra Kumar T
    Head HR, Ntrust

  • We are very satisfied with the Adrenalin HR software, because thanks to its updated technology, it saves us lots of time. It also gives us accurate results and reports as per our requirements.

    Harshada Acharekar
    Sr. Finance Executive

  • I have found Adrenalin to be the most useful tool for capturing real-time data.

    HR Operations

  • Adrenalin has helped us in achieving HR Automation and the transition has been so seamless. It has allowed us to focus more time and efforts on Employee Engagement.

    HR Head
    Loop Mobiles

  • The Adrenalin SGS PMS module, which was implemented in less than 15 days, has helped us not only track our appraisal system but also in appraising employee performance. Adrenalin’s support team is always responsive and manages all our queries efficiently.

    Ragini Thakur
    Recruitment Manager

  • We have been using the Adrenalin software version 2.0 for HRMS and version 1.5 for Payroll for the past 5 years and we are very satisfied with the software and support from Adrenalin. We are intending to upgrade to version 4.0 this month and we expect our operational efficiency to be further enhanced.

    Bupathi. C
    Asst. Manager - Finance

  • Ever since I started using Adrenalin software, I found it to be even more useful than expected and it has the best applications required for a HR solution. This package is very simple and user friendly. For instance, communication, leave configuration, business card requests, attendance etc. are just a click away. For organisations that aspire for a paperless office, I feel the use of Adrenalin will be a great advantage. Also, the team of customer support at Adrenalin is very supportive and they keep encouraging us to try and use all the applications available within the software.

    Ajay V. Bhagat
    Sr. Manger – HR

  • Adrenalin HCM on Cloud has been a great support for us. We did save on capital costs with zero hardware and maintenance expenses; the ease of working on it along with their help desk support has been pretty comfortable. Implementation and accessibility of application has been a great experience. The Leave Module has helped us to manage data centrally, which has resulted in availability of information to HR at all times. All the modules in use, Leave Management, Confirmation process & Resignation Process have resulted in great efficiency and more confidence for our people. Thanks to Adrenalin!"

    Mr. Sudarshan Shetty
    Asst. Manager - HRIS

  • “We are a global player in the technology domain and have offices in 7 different locations across the globe. Our Chennai center alone has 550 employees. Before implementing Adrenalin, we had several problems in data collection. In our organization, data is collected via 5 different sources and hence there was a lot of data duplication. Performance appraisal also used to take a long time. It usually took 4-5 weeks. There were a few other challenges too and hence, we wanted an HRMS which could streamline our HR activities. Adrenalin is user friendly software and suited our requirements. It looked as if it was tailor-made for Excelacom requirement. We have been using the product from past 6 years. The product is highly scalable as during this time, our employee strength increased multi-folds and we encountered no problem. Adrenalin is now the single source of truth in our organization. Adrenalin has helped us reduce our Performance Appraisal cycle to just 1 week. Not only has it improved the employee satisfaction, but it also has improved organization’s productivity.”

    Senthil Kumar,
    CFO, Excelacom Technologies

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