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Why Adrenalin HRMS?

As business conglomerates scan the globe in search of newer market territories,

the rigors of keeping a business alive has become far more complex and result oriented from planning to implementation to keeping morale high, CEOs along with the support of strategic HR have their job cut out.

This is where Adrenalin helps. This Human Resource Software is a strategic process that consists of a cycle of activities including HR Administration and Employee Life Events, Recruitment, Performance Management, Training Management, Learning Management, Shift Management, Payroll, Leave Management, Time & Attendance Management, HR Analytics and every other detail that can help bring out the very best in your employees.

Reasons why you should consider Adrenalin

HR Software Social Collaboration Social Connect

An enterprise social engagement & collaboration tool that integrates all workplace activity and brings your workforce closer.

HRMS on Mobile Mobile

Adrenalin HRMS on Mobile makes your workforce a Mobile enabled workforce. Stay Connected to business from anywhere, everywhere & on any device. Easy access to relevant personalized HR capabilities to employees. Quickly act on items requiring your attention. Plan your time off, mark your presence at work simply & swiftly. Track your travel expenses as they happen. Conveniently access information and get things done.

HCM on Cloud Cloud HCM

Adrenalin HCM on Cloud is quick to deploy, easy to use and pay-as-you-go. Data is secure , Ease of Use , Fast Implementation and no Capital Cost.

HR Analytics HR Analytics

Improves your decision making with right data at the right time. Gain insights into your employee data and take appropriate business decisions

Zolog Framework ZOLOG

ZOLOG is a patented framework which sits on top of Adrenalin. A world's first from Adrenalin, it enhances the power of Adrenalin. It is an intelligent human language interface with an innovative gadget based portal layout. It enables faster access to forms and simpler ways to complete transactions. It is interactive, efficient and intelligent. It offers predictive search apart from type forwarding to help users work faster and smarter.

HCA Software Integration Integration

Adrenalin can be made to work seamlessly with most major ERP, Finance and Payroll systems you may have running. With Adrenalin as your primary portal front-end, integrating with all your other IT investments at the back-end, users have the benefit of a single, intuitive virtual workplace to better manage key functional and business processes, communication and knowledge.

HR Software Product Single Product Focus

We are a Pure Play vendor with single product focus. We have domain experts and researchers with vision and focus to continuously add value to the product.

Group Company of Intellect Design Arena Ltd Legacy

Adrenalin is a group company of Intellect Design Arena Ltd,is a global leader in Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services.

HR Process Spectrum Depth of Functionality

Adrenalin spans the entire HR process spectrum and offers the widest (depth of functionality) HR product available in the market.

Modular Deployment Modular Deployment

Its modular nature allows the choice of specific modules, instead of the entire suite. This flexibility helps in answering specific needs and reduces the costs.

HR Software Empower Empower

It empowers the HR by giving them field level access thus eliminating the need to rely on trained experts to make changes in the forms.

Adrenalin HR Software User Friendliness

Organizations choosing Adrenalin need not employ certified professionals on their payroll to operate and teach others. It can be operated by anybody.

HR System Domain Knowledge

Adrenalin product is being used by companies belonging to 19 different verticals, prominent being Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Processed Foods, Construction, Packaging, FMCG, IT/ITES, Telecom, BFSI etc. This enabled us to incorporate some of the HR best-practices of these verticals in the product.

HR Roll-out Methodology Quick Implementation

It does not take years to implement Adrenalin. With disciplined project management and Adrenalin's Roll-out Methodology (ARM), we are able to ensure that the HR can quickly realize the value of investment and make that strategic shift in role.

Global HRMS Software Global Implementation

Today, we have completed implementations for large corporations across geographies in Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East and US, featuring thousands of employees. For such corporations, this mobile friendly product has been customized to suit local payrolls and languages.

ERP HRMS Customizations

Adrenalin product is very customizable to suit needs of an organization's HR processes. The time and cost involved in making the customizations in any ERP HRMS is humongous.

HR Training Knowledge Transfer

Training for Adrenalin products is conducted by the principal and also by Adrenalin certified partners. This ensures accountability, clarity and strong delivery of knowledge.

Support Services Support

Adrenalin support services are managed by the principal, not by a third party. This ensures quick response and efficient issue management.

HR Software TCO Cost

Adrenalin provides the lowest TCO amongst comparable systems.


Adrenalin has a proven track record of being relevant and reliable. Our product is being used by 700 customers and over 8,00,000 users. Many of our clients have chosen Adrenalin over other leading ERP-based HR software systems because Adrenalin fits their business requirements more appropriately, without the complexity, time and cost associated with traditional systems.

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