Talent Management Solution


Adrenalinís Talent Management suite addresses critical talent needs. It helps businesses find and attract the right people for the right roles and then makes sure they are onboarded in the most efficient and effective way possible.

It helps organizations keep a better pulse on employee performance and ensure readiness for new roles. It helps to connect employees and locate expertise so that people can do their jobs better in any given moment. Learning makes onboarding more impactful. Training makes performance management actionable. Development drives people to the right roles in the organization. Social learning occurs every day in every workplace around the world. And Adrenalin keeps a tab of all of this effectively.

Adrenalin's Talent Management solutions offers three major components: Talent Acquisition, Performance Alignment and Talent Development. These module serves as a central online Talent Management tool that is easy to use to identify the right talent, manage and nurture the talent within an organization.


Talent Acquisition

The growth of business in terms of workforce talent and human productivity largely depend on the HR hiring practices.

Adrenalin's recruitment module helps organisations get the right talent at the right time to support their business. With interesting features like 'Parsing' that helps in automatic data extraction, 'Automatic Resume Download' that downloads resumes from job portals and 'Calendaring & Scheduling' that allows you to manage events such as interview scheduling and feedback event. You can put in place a faster, simpler and more effective recruitment process.

Applicant management

Adrenalin's comprehensive applicant management processes helps to source, schedule and manage job applications. At Adrenalin, we offer an easy and intuitive applicant management solution, that helps you to upload, manage and track your applicants through the entire lifecycle of the recruitment process. An effective mechanism that helps recruitment managers in both planning and closing the vacancy with definite timelines

Requisition management

Manpower Request Transforms recruitment into a faster, simpler and more efficient process. It helps to create processes and make different role players as process owners. It helps in candidate pre-employment verifications as well

New hire on-boarding

Once an employee is recruited, his/her information gets automatically ported into Adrenalin's HRMS database. The new hire's personal, job and pay information can further be updated using our HR workforce administration module.

Interview and selection management

It helps to schedule interviews, record feedback and select candidates . This helps greatly in assessing the candidates fitment within the company

Offer management

Adrenalin's offer management module helps in generating offer letters and record offer acceptance by candidates

Performance Alignment

Effectively managing employee performance has become critical because unnoticed employee performance leads to retention challenges.

Adrenalin's Performance Management module serves as a central online performance review and talent development tool. It empowers employees to manage their own performance, update goals and develop plans and encourage feedback. It helps managers have an objective, transparent performance assessment, recommend improvement plans and assess leadership talent and spot potentials for succession.

Compensation Planning and Administration

Adrenalin compensation planning module helps the organization effectively recognize, nature and compensate a high performance culture. Through this module, organizations can set up compensation budgets, compensation guidelines that can be applied in a particular merit increase cycle. The system allows the organization to do a compa-ratio or range penetration. Compensation being sensitive information, the system provides a kind of "Maker-Checker" validation that will help to be accurate with the process. Finally the system also enables generation of total rewards statement for employees automatically & publish it in their respective logins.

360 Degree Feedback

While performance reviews and ratings helps assess the progress made by the employee based on manager's perspective. A 360 degree feedback helps to understand how well an employee has fitted into the overall schema of an organization. Adrenalin HRMS Performance Management solution allows you to create and design your own feedback template, choose your evaluators, initiate the process and assess the feedback received. Evaluators could include peers, upwards, downwards or external people including clients, vendors whose feedbacks are quite important to you.

Performance Management

Performance alignment is a key criterion for an organization's growth. To ensure alignment, a robust performance management process that is transparent and efficient needs to be put in place to help the managers assess and review their employees' performance on an ongoing basis. With Adrenalin's Performance Management Software- Orchestrate people performance to maximize productivity

Goal Management

An objective and transparent performance assessment is a key ingredient to an organization's success. With Adrenalin's smart goal management module you can set , track and update goals of employees across the organization

Rewards Management

True merit and performance never goes unnoticed. Track every employee's progress. A single point of reference for employee's key achievements during tenure.

Talent Development

Developing talent within a company is a critical process. It ensures that companies have enough talent pools to fill particular job classifications, focusing on the individual skills, competencies and behavior that make those jobs and employees successful in the future.

Adrenalin's Talent Development module ensures that organisations manage their talent assets and mitigate the talent risks. Put in place a training plan and deliver sharply targeted training that upgrades key competencies required for business advantage, while reducing administrative overheads.

Succession Management

Succession management secures future leadership capability, which is critical for driving organizational performance that wins in the changing world of work. It is an active and vital ongoing business process, embracing dynamic market imperatives to integrate the identification, assessment and development of talent with long-range strategic planning.

Adrenalin's Succession Management module identifies key positions based on 'criticality' (positions that if it were vacant, would have a significant impact on the organization's ability to conduct normal business) and 'retention risks'(positions where the departure of an employee is expected). Once these positions are identified, competencies for these key position like skills, behaviour and knowledge are mapped. Then the process of identifying & nominating a successor begins, which is followed-up by a successor development plan & evaluation. The final step is successor readiness assessment and closure, which helps companies choose the successor.

Social Recognition Framework - SMILE

A Peer and Public Recognition system built for enterprises. Every employee joins the organization with certain basic expectations. Beyond the Basic needs, there is an element of Psychological needs an employee requires to stay motivated and perform. It is in this space many organizations fail and they are really not able to win over the confidence of employees. Adrenalin brings out its next in class new generation module that addresses the psychological needs of the employees. Adrenalin's social recognition framework makes recognition simple, effective and affordable. Recognition is the best and easiest strategy to engage your team. Sending a quick congratulatory note to a fellow employee is simple and easy to do, but has a profound impact on motivation and morale. You can send virtual rewards or AQ Credit points to more than one people at once, congratulate the entire team or department, and attach a photo-all with a few clicks. Employee's love the way Adrenalin makes it easy for them to recognize each other's successes & let the power of praise contribute to your high-performance culture!

Learning Management

Adrenalin's Learning management module helps in building an effective Learning organization. It delivers sharply targeted training and development programs that upgrade key competencies required for business advantage, while reducing training costs and administrative overheads. Different people have different needs based on their skills and aptitude, making training an indispensable tool. On one hand, you need customised solutions and on the other, effective result monitoring. Adrenalin offers a powerful Training Management system that effectively monitors and enables providing individualized attention to people development and its impact on their work. Adrenalin's Training Management software helps companies groom people with the right skills at the right time.

Competency Management

Competency management helps organization to assess the level of competency their employees are at and use it to build skills required to perform the job, improve productivity or develop new skills to do newer business, increase employee's morale and retain them. Managing competencies help identify talent in-house and nurture them effectively. It also helps to align individual behavior with organization behavior and culture.

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