Talent Management System

Talent Development

Investment in the development of your talent is critical to the sustainability of your organization.

With Adrenalin's Talent Management functionality - Manage your talent assets and mitigate your talent risk

  • Manage your employee development programs
  • Target development programs based on specific needs for the jobs
  • Track development records and assess job effectiveness
  • Define ideal competency for a job, identify talent deficiency and plan development
  • Build talent internally rather than looking outside

The productivity and efficiency of an organization is directly correlated to the productivity and efficiency of its talent. If you invest in developing your talent, build a learning path keeping in mind the organizational needs and the employee needs you will find that the ROI is significant. A supportive talent management ecosystem ensures that you never face a shortage of talent by focusing on building team players, leaders who can then lead your organization to greatness.

It is amply clear that providing the training and development programs not only improves your operating effectiveness, but also helps create a powerhouse of talent within the organisation.

Adrenalin's Talent Development module helps you track this journey of continuous learning for employees of your organization. It gives you the flexibility to define and support the operational needs of the Talent Development process.

Creating Courses

Our course creation forms will let you define your course, identify target audience, associate a faculty, and even upload training materials! If you wish to apply the course for a certain population alone, the software allows you to choose them by specifying: applicable organization units, relevant departments, locations, etc or link them to groups of employees with specific performance rating, tenure or training history in an organization.

Faculty & Feedback

If you engage both your employees and external vendors to manage trainings, we offer you a place to record their details, including your vendor's addresses, phone numbers, experience, skills, etc. Our software helps provide both participant & faculty's feedback to evaluate each of their effectiveness. Our post training feedback allows your managers to evaluate their employees on the job and give their feedback after the training completion.

Education & Development

If you wish to award points or promote employees based on the level achieved by them in learning and development, you can do so by using our CPE/CPD masters (Continuous professional education and Continuous professional development). You can allocate budgets & track Costs incurred for all your Learning and development initiatives.

Scheduling/Cancelling Courses

Courses can be scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled by your training administrators. They can notify employees on dates, venue, and course details when they are ready to open the course for nomination. Employees can either self nominate or managers can nominate them on their behalf depending on how the course has been created. If courses are to be mandated for a certain set of employees only, your training administrators can set them up as well. We have provided a tight link with our performance module that picks up employees who are recommended for certain skills training by their managers and tag them to the courses available in the training module. Location specific calendars are made available, to enable employees to check & register for the training conducted each month within their facility.

Attendance & Status

Trainers can record the attendance of their participants using the attendance forms provided. Current status of the courses created can be checked and training administrator can nominate employees or remove participants based on whether the nominations are lesser or exceed the batch size.

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