Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.


Foster productivity and finish projects on-time with features like task management and calendars to assist you in prioritizing the work.

Content & Collaboration

Have an Idea? Why keep it to yourself. Share it with others in the organization, get their comments, refine your idea, present it to the management, and make your idea a reality. Empower employees to create content and collaborate through tools available in Social Connect.

People & Profiles

Employee directory

Finding people becomes easy with Social Connect’s company directory. Employees can browse for people in the organization and easily connect with them.


Activity stream, Notification, and My community features in Social Connect keeps you updated about the latest activities in the organization and helps you
consolidate information at one place to access it at your convenience. Achieve project milestones on time by managing tasks with the help of the task
manager. Prioritize work on the go with the help of calendar feature in Social Connect.

Speed Up your growth with Adrenalin’s Social Connect

Social Collaboration Features

Activity Streams

Keeps you updated about the latest development in your organization through different people and groups with whom you are associated.


Stay up-to-date with things you need to act upon. Take action anytime, anywhere with Social Connect.

Private & Group Messaging

With Social connects private and group messaging, people can communicate and discuss important messages with others in real time and have a record of it.

Task Management

Have a birds eye view of various activities involved in achieving milestones of your project. Get access to up-to-date information about what task is assigned, to whom it is assigned and when it is supposed to be done.

Personal & Shared Calendars

Plan your work, keep tab of important dates and meetings – collaboration made easy with Social Connect.

Discussion Forums

Have a doubt about new feature in product or have a suggestion to optimize process? Discussion on the topic is just a click away. Create discussions, join other discussions with Adrenalin’s Discussion forum.

Case Tracking

Social connect enable teams to track cases and issues in Real Time with messaging and chat.

Social Collaboration Events

Content & Collaboration Tools for Sharing and
Working Together

Create, edit, share information in your organization. Let employees share their learning and views with others in organization.
Promote the culture of knowledge creation and sharing in your organization with the help of
various content and collaboration tools. Get quick access to required information since your content is organized in context and is easy to find.

Social Collaboration Notifications

Article & News Manager

Manage News, Press Releases, and information in your organization. Let everyone in organization be aware about the latest initiatives.

Sitewide Search

Stay up-to-date with things you need to act upon. Take action anytime, anywhere with Social Connect.

Document Management

Social Connect makes it easy to upload, manage and organize your files. Create a collaborative workplace, give your team mates liberty to comment, like, and rate your content.


Wiki serves as knowledge management tool and note taking. It enables creation and management of Wikis on the community, enhancing the knowledge sharing.

Blogging Platform

Open conversations, share your ideas, promote discussions and debates with Social Connects blogging platform. Let there be free flow of opinions.


Save time and effort required in sending out invites and collecting RSVP’s for events conducted by your organization. You can manage occasions with ease with Social Connect.

Photo Sharing

Share your experience through images. Create photo albums and manage them with ease. Insert photos into articles, blogs, and wikis.

Video Sharing

Communicate your thoughts through videos. Upload, tag, and share videos made by you or share content from the web with your team.

Social Collaboration Profiles


Embrace digital connectivity in your organization. Give your business the human touch with contemporary user profiles of all your employees. Connect people with each other within the organization like never before. Employees profile has Work information, Personal information, Community information, contact information, the index of the content they have authored, their activity stream, and the rooms they are a part of. This helps you in finding people suitable for performing important jobs.