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Shift & Scheduling

Do your employees work under different shifts and schedules based on your customer's time zones to support their businesses?

Are you in the lookout for a software solution to manage various shifts in your company? At Adrenalin we have designed our Shift and Schedule solution to manage shifts and group employees under each shift based on your different business and project needs. Our HR software not only helps create schedules and fit employees into them, they also enable employees and managers to request/change shifts as required.

Following our simple setups and scheduling pages, you can designate each employee to a group/shift and specify the exact weeks or dates when the shifts are applicable.

Shift Management Software
Online Employee Shift Scheduling
Online Employee Shift Management
Employee Shift Change Software Using our Group roster,

Specify the actual dates and weeks when the shifts are applicable for each group. Our adhoc roster also helps you to tag any missed out or specific employees or groups to their specified shift dates.

Employee Shift Database Software Shift change

Employees and managers can also request through their self service change in shift as required by the project. The time and attendance solution will base the time-in and out based on the shifts specified and accordingly mark presence, absence or late entries for employees.

Shift Scheduling Software Map employees

Choose your employees from your employee database and map them to these shift groups so you know which employee belongs to which shift and schedule. If employees are already tagged to the same or different group, that gets indicated for you to regroup them accordingly.

Employee Shift Schedule Create your schedule

Create the various shifts you wish your employees to work under and specify the dates and times using our shift master.

Group Shift Scheduling Group these shifts

Under shift group master specifying the combination of the shift schedules, holidays and weekly offs.

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