Recruitment Software

Recruitment Software

Adrenalin Recruitment Software is a
fast and highly effective hiring

The effective and continuous growth of your business largely depends upon your HR hiring systems. Often, recruitment solutions available do not meet the desired result due to a lack of intuition and support. The key towards recruiting the right candidate for the right position lies in acquiring new talent that syncs with the niche processes of your business. Is your business using the latest corporate hiring solutions? If not, then you need to optimize your outreach further. If yes, then you need to stay at the top of the game.

Acquiring the right talent was
never this easy!

The secret in hiring the right person for the right job is to:

  • Get your resource requests validated before serving them
  • Tap talent internally before looking externally or paying consultants
  • Source from multiple channels-internal, job referrals, job sites, etc.
  • Reduce your recruitment costs by locating right talent by having a single resume bank
  • Manage your interview process efficiently via structured interviews
  • View all interview feedbacks before making the hiring decision
  • Ensure “do not hire” candidates are not recruited in other locations
  • Ensure compliance to various check lists (pre & post joining), enabling an employee to get productive quickly
  • Meet the business needs of capturing data required for downstream processing, reporting and analytics.
How can this be done?

Opt for Adrenalin's Recruitment module as it offers an ideal synergy between the Recruiter's, Candidate's and Business's perspectives. It delivers a holistic solution taking you all the way from planning to on-boarding within the recruitment process.

Adrenalin Recruitment solution brings you the best features:

Effortless usage

Intuitive interface that requires minimal training makes it easier for recruiters and candidates to operate. Minimal data entry supporting tools can also be availed throughout the recruitment process.

Flexible Recruitment

Assists you to manage individual resumes and walk-ins and also supports recruitment drives through mass candidate upload capability. You can set up flexible recruitment phases and resources that best suits your business needs.

Powerful Tools

Design custom recruitment reports, offer & appointment letters using our document designer tool and integrate database information through a few clicks to generate powerful reports.

Requisition Management

Create and submit requisitions for both HR and line managers using the most appropriate channels to maximize your candidate tool.

Efficient Candidate

Receive a cache of resumes through various networks and sift through them effortlessly using Adrenalin's Resume Parser thereby reducing data entry volume.

Screen, Select & Schedule

Mark out ideal candidates, screen them as per your organisation requirement, schedule multiple types of interviews and track the interview results and feedback through Adrenalin's powerful recruitment module.

Secure Data Access

Visibility and data access to requisitions and applicant details are allowed according to the security framework established thus optimizing secured archiving.

Seamless Integration
with Job Portals

Post, publish and republish vacancies to job portals, internal job posting boards or consultants with a click of a button.

Customised Reporting

Adrenalin provides powerful data and tools to help you develop reports ranging from TAT of recruitment to ideal channel determination using Document Designer tool.

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