With an aim to increase collaboration between employees and allowing easy search of employees, Social Connect has been equipped with features such as People directory and people profile. People directory helps in reducing the time and effort spent in finding employees across the organization by centralizing information. Profiles feature will include personal information, work information, community information, index of the content, activity stream, and name of the rooms of which employee is a member. These features help in building employee engagement across the organization.


With Employee Directory feature in Social Connect

Connect with people by getting information about them in one single place. Employee directory helps employees to find other employees within organization. This helps in connecting with employees having knowledge on subject matter related to specific problem which would help solve the problem. Reaching to employees is easier and faster.


With Personal Activity Streams in Social Connect

Your wall provides information about what type of content you have published, what are the topics you are interested in. It also helps other employees to understand your topic of interest this is essential since it helps in collaborating. You can also add Mention to engage with other employees. Make sure that you can easily find the content you have published by adding hash tags.


With Information Rich Profiles in Social Connect

Every employee profile will include personal information, work information and community information. This will help in connecting people who are spread across an organization. People can also upload their images and share additional information about themselves.


With Online feature in Social Connect

The online feature in Social Connect provides people with the name of the people who are available at a click away to answer queries or doubts at workplace.

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