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Payroll Software

Payroll Management is considered a time consuming and arduous process. Bringing together multiple streams of inputs, adhering to local statutory requirements,

validating the data prior to paying your employees accurately and in a timely manner for it to be managed in-house. Adrenalin's payroll software enables you to mitigate these challenges effectively by delivering a seamless payroll processing capabilities. Keeping payroll software in-house ensures integrity and security of data and avoids hassles of dealing with third party vendors during each pay cycle.

Payroll Software
Adrenalin Payroll System
Adrenalin Payroll Software

With Adrenalin's Payroll Software - Always stay compliant with your local regulatory bodies


Our software helps create pay groups to group your employees into categories and to map payroll policies (country specific) to each. You can custom define the various components (earnings & deductions) and map them against these country based pay groups. Specifying formulas for calculation, with minimal clicks, payroll can be initiated, confirmed and finalized. Salary files can then be generated for direct deposit, cheque or bank credits.For ease of HR, a Digital Signature Tool, which supports both ‘PFX’ and ‘Dongle’ is also available.


Payroll process gets all basic employee information including job, compensation, pay group, tax declaration, salary advances and other details from HR system/Self service to accurately calculate their pay & taxes. With tight integration with Adrenalin's leave, time and attendance module we ensure the overtime is paid and absence is deducted.

Import features

If you have third party systems to maintain and manage your leaves, time and attendance, we provide you upload facility to import the leave, time data into payroll for appropriate processing.

Loan Master

Using our loan master, you can capture company provided loans, employee availed, schedules, EMI, deduction per month and include for payroll deductions.

Benefits master

If you provide company based benefits such as insurance, medical coverage, nominees, beneficiaries, to your employees, record them using our benefit master forms. These will be used as deductions during pay processing.

Tax Computations

Country based tax slabs, tax declarations, investments, exemptions; other incomes are maintained and used for processing purposes.Form16 (Part-B) and Form12BA can be generated. Adrenalin 5.2.0 supports merging tool which can be used to merge Form16 and Form12BA in addition to Form24Q eTDS Quarterly return filing.

Letter viewer

Employee can view using their self service, all organization letters, pay slips, tax declarations, offer, promotion and other letters using this feature. Pay slips can be generated in PDF, and can be published into employee self service portal.

All statutory payroll

All statutory payroll reports such as ESI, Form 16, Form 20 can be instantly derived from the system.

key features

Reopening settlement

Reopening settlement process for resigned employees: Adrenalin Payroll software provides an option to create settlement amount, bonuses for employees who have resigned.

Multiple pay slips

If you have your employees to work in 2 different locations within the same pay period, our payroll software is capable of generating 2 pay slips within the same period.

Provisional Settlement

If an employee files resignation, based on his notice period the tentative amount i.e. Full and Final Settlement (F & F) can be calculated using Provisional Settlement feature.

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