HR Workforce Administration Module

New Hire on Board

Once an employee is recruited, his/her information gets automatically ported into Adrenalin's HRMS database.

The new hire's personal, job and pay information can further be updated using our HR workforce administration module.

HRMS Database
Employee HRMS Database
HRMS Compensation Database
HRMS Compensation Details Compensation details

Compensation templates defined for each position in position management module will guide the salary ranges for all employees. Your HR can default the compensation based on the Job level and change or update them as required.

Employee Schedule Work schedule

Holiday list, weekly offs calendar and shift information can be tagged to each employee based on their project/work shift and schedule

Employee HR System Record information

Your new joinee will be notified to fill in their personal and qualification details and based on their role, they will receive access to various self-service forms to fill and complete. With all forms completed your new employee is all set in your HR system!

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