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Global Payroll Compliance

A single payroll system for global rollouts. Imagine the possibilities?

Imagine a payroll system that is flexible to accommodate specific multi-country business needs. You will have a system that will allow you to efficiently and accurately pay everyone in your entire workforce – no matter where they are located. Adrenalin Payroll is one such system. It is web based, easy to access and fast. It provides complete control over your payroll processes, data, and costs. Adrenalin Payroll is compatible with the Payroll and statutory compliances in 24 countries.

‘Process Efficiency' & Faster ROI

Our product is packed with various out-of-the-box configurations, which can be rolled out “As is”, saving time and cost for organisations. The HR is freed from mundane tasks, thus giving more time for strategic initiatives. All these result in organisations' improved process efficiency, thereby resulting in Faster ROI.

Accelerated processes and increased efficiency

Adrenalin Payroll delivers pay cheques complete with error-free calculations. It accommodates specific business needs like dual pay-group, monthly & semi-monthly processing and statutory compliances like taxation & PF to salary and reimbursements. Adrenalin Payroll has been developed with the help of experts and customers, ensuring a perfect technology match for the payroll process. The result? Greater employee confidence and motivation, which in turn drives people to deliver better business.

Key Features:

  • Fully web based solution
  • Easily Configurable solution
  • Generates statutory reports
  • Direct upload of data into Government sites
  • Integrates with Swipe Card / Biometric devices
  • Integrates with finance modules of ERPs
  • Available on Cloud Platform
  • Widely used
  • Remain compliant

Payroll Compliance

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