Employee Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance alignment is a key criterion for an organization's growth. To ensure alignment,

a robust performance management process that is transparent and efficient needs to be put in place to help the managers assess and review their employee's performance on an ongoing basis.

With Adrenalin's Performance Management Software - Orchestrate people performance to maximize productivity

  • Let the employees know their goals upfront and get them aligned thereby increasing their engagement
  • Recognize employee achievements during the assessment process
  • Have an objective, transparent performance assessment and recommend improvement plans
  • Align employee's performance to unit or organizational performance
  • Assess leadership talent and spot potentials for succession
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Appraisal type, frequency
and period

Be it annual, semi-annual, quarter or project wise appraisals you can define your review, frequency and periods in an appraisal calendar. Whether you like to appraise, rate or simply review your employee's progress, you can specify the options and dates and the applicable groups within your organization for each review cycles.

Pre-defining goals &

Associating weights, measures, milestones, and categorizing them as company specified or individual goals are also made possible. Our rating definition setup forms will enable you to custom define your rating scales for all your goals and competencies.

Section configuration

How many levels of reviews and approvals are required, privileges for your role players within each section, visibility aspects for each section can be configured as well. A Formula builder will help you build your rating formula.

Managing appraisal

Using our manage template forms is made very easy and intuitive for your HR managers. Appraisal templates can be defined as fully, partial or blank depending on whether the goals/competencies will be fully pre-defined to completely user defined during the appraisal process. You can choose the goals and competencies that you wish to add to your template and add the weights to them, and their percentage contributions for calculating the final rating. These templates can be tagged to positions that you have defined in your Human Resource management software.

Initiate appraisal

A scheduler is designed to send notification emails as defined in our workflow configuration setups, enabling the appraisal forms to be made available to employees once the appraisal date is reached. For fully managed templates, only self appraisal forms will be available, while goal setting forms will be made available for the partial or blank template types. We allow goal setting processes to commence so the employees can create or pick pre-defined goals, add the measures, mile stones and dates to achieve the goals. Once they are submitted, managers can edit, delete, add new goals or simply approve them.


Adrenalin's performance management system allows you to setup the normalization bell curve, defining the population, distribution, deviation for each rating and identify the applicable groups, dependencies within. The bell curve will show you the actual ratings, guideline ratings and a curve that changes as you manipulate with your employees rating data. This would enable you to work with the ratings and see the changes to the curve until it fits the guideline graph. For those who haven't received a rating adhoc, rating forms allows default ratings to be provided so that they can be included into the bell curve.


Various performances related reports are made available to check the scores, initial and final ratings, comments, recommendations and ratings.

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