Alignment Across The Organization

Alignment across the Organisation

As organisations embrace a globalised 'flat world', employees are far flung across the globe

and it is imperative to align everyone into one culture with one vision. Alignment ensures that everyone is focused and working in tandem towards organisational goals.

Putting this into practice is possible with strategic people tools like Adrenalin that aligns processes and people with productivity. Adrenalin has the technology infrastructure that empowers you to align your organisational goals and structures, creating a foundation which can adapt to business strategies across geographies, efficiently.

From the CEO, HR, Line managers to the Employees, Adrenalin's Human Resource Software ensures smooth working and process implementation strategies with a 2-way communication, all aligned to a single organisational goal.

HR Alignment Software
CEO CFO HR Leader / Manager IT Head / Manager Line Managers Employees
Communicate ideas and policies without delay or distortion across the enterprise Reduce costs of complex employee-centric processes Enhance employee engagement Support diverse and increasingly complex business-to-employee initiatives through a cost effective and flexible infrastructure Identify and groom talent Fit in with company objectives
Implement enterprise-wide performance culture Get a rapid return on investment Measure employee satisfaction better Build on and integrate with your existing systems Analyse workflow for strategic planning and alignment Ensure efficient use of time
Enjoy 2-way communication - solicit feedback Improve decision-making capabilities by capturing performance metrics previously unavailable Ensure adherence to organizational policies and goals Stretch your IT budget with the latest, reliable technology Benefit from various reports: Time sheet allocation, actual vs. planned resource utilization Understand functional goals better
Maximize productivity Prevent revenue leakages with an integrated tool Automate entire employee cycle Get a secure and scalable solution with a portal option Receive single-click employee snapshot for instant employee view Voice feedback & concerns
Enhance motivation and commitment Define claim codes, maintain balances and verify claims requests from employees and ensure timely reimbursements Ensure timely appraisals across locations Data Security - Adrenalin framework provides Role/ Form/ Action/ Field Security Perform transparent and objective assessment of subordinates "Self-service" suites for most day-to-day needs - leave management, tours, allowances, transfers, training needs

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