Application Management System

Applicant Management

Do you have a pile of applicant information for vacancies that you just published?

Unable to figure out how (effectively) to stack, sort or screen them? Are you encountered with many duplicate resumes, blacklisted or rejected candidates reapplying for the same job once again? Are your projects desperately seeking the best talent to service your highly demanding customer needs, to stay ahead of competition? If you said a yes to all or one, you have just stopped at the right place. At Adrenalin, we offer an easy and intuitive applicant management solution, that helps you to upload, manage and track your applicants through the entire lifecycle of the recruitment process.

Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking Software
Applicant Management Software
Individual & mass upload

Whether your management team plans for mass campus recruits or acquiring the seasoned talent from the market, the software can handle both individual and mass upload of candidate information into a single HR database.

Letters generation

If you wish to make an appointment letter post offer acceptance or create a post joining document list, go ahead and tag them on to your position and they can be generated at a click of button as well.

Applicant data capture

Adding and editing the complete set of personal, skills, education and experience details, candidate resumes, and tagging them to the respective vacancy & source makes it convenient for both your recruiters and line managers to browse and pick the right ones.

Pick the right candidate

Not only that with our resume parser set up, your recruiter can now have all the relevant & distinct resumes from all different sources (Careers portal, consultant, employee referral, Internal job posting) neatly stacked, sorted and pre-screened for him within few minutes. With advance search capabilities, the resume database can be searched for key search strings to select and process the befitting candidates only.

Managing Applicants

Events for selection of the candidates such as interviews, group discussion, written tests, and psychometric tests can be created, tracked for the dates, time, venue, and statuses as well. Results of these can be recorded based on predefined feedback templates. Applicants selected are ready to be processed through our offer management module with predefined offer template (for each position/vacancy to determine the job and compensation details) and offer document checklist for making the offer.

Integration with HRMS

With all necessary applicant information in the system our software diligently ports them into our HR database as new hires when you think you have just spotted the right talent for your organization!

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