Experience faster decision making, stay up-to-date with respect to the developments in organization. View latest information with the help of activity streams and get notifications for the same at one place. Achieve project milestones on time by managing tasks with the help of task manager. Prioritize work on the go with the help of calendar feature in Social Connect. Engage in discussion with your employees with private messages, chat, and discussion forums.


With Activity Streams feature in Social Connect

Activity streams is a section where content posted by the employees is displayed at one centralized location. You can post content and add hashtags to provide context, this makes things easy to find. You can also tag fellow employees and bring them into your conversations. Activity streams gives you real time feed and keeps you updated about the latest development in your organization through different people and groups with whom you are associated.


With Real-Time Notifications feature in Social Connect

Notifications is a smart feature which knows what you need to act upon before you do. It is deftly designed to provide you access to the things that are all about you, it helps you by informing what you need to act upon next. Now you do not need to invest time in finding information related to you, notification helps you to save your crucial time which you can invest in tasks which are of high importance to you.


With Adrenalin Chat feature in Social Connect

Adrenalin chat allows you to connect with fellow employees and send them messages in real time. Adrenalin Chat can be accessed within its own dedicated window, which lets you to keep it open on a desktop. If people to whom you have sent messages are not online, chat messages will be saved in their chat box for later viewing.


With Task Manager feature in Social Connect

Be smart, prioritize your work with the task manager. Know what task is assigned, to whom it is assigned and when it is supposed to be completed. Task manager is a great tool to manage time lines of different projects, the phases in each project and to make sure each project is completed on time. In order to organize the task you have to create a list, add tasks in the created list, select the due date. Once the tasks are created, order them in sequence and as the tasks are completed you can check them off your list.


With Calendars in Social Connect

Never miss an important engagement with your internal or external customers. Organize your daily activities and keep track of the important dates. With the calendar feature in Social Connect, you can share your schedule by inviting individual or groups. Now stay on time, every time with custom reminders that let you know when, and where you have to be. With the calendar feature, you can plan for recurring events like birthdays, wedding anniversary and work related anniversary. Social Connect’s calendar feature provides you options to view calendar information by day, week and month. This assures multiple options for user to schedule.


With Forums & Discussions feature in Social Connect

Most widely accepted form of collaboration across the globe is discussion forums. In Social Connect, discussion forums allow employees to start a discussion on important topics related to business. This not only increases the engagement amongst the employees but also opens the door to the unique perspective which get reflected in discussion from different strata of employees within organization. Start by setting up the groups to create places for discussion amongst the employees. Employees can add tags to their post to provide context for finding the information.


With Case & Issue Tracker feature in Social Connect

Keep your internal and external customers happy. Provide support to teams by solving the customer issues, providing technical expertise, and by keeping the track of cases through Social Connect. You can create a new case, raise a query or an unsolved technical issue. Tag the case so it becomes easier to find when searched. You can set the case priority as high, medium, and low. Cases can be assigned to the individual or group of people who can be subject matter experts. This will help to solve the problem in less time and in optimum way. It is easy to filter the cases and issues based on the status, priority, assigned to, updated, title, and ID so that you can find what you are looking for. This gives you an opportunity to understand the progress till date on the assigned cases.

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