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Adrenalin Social HCM

The business landscape is changing. We are entering what many call the 'post-digital era' - a confluence of emerging technologies leading to new possibilities for consumers,

enterprises and technology vendors. Multiple technology trends including social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing are fusing relationships between customers - boosting agility within the enterprise and in the market, driving increased collaboration among internal and external stakeholders.

Shifts in consumer experience have led to shifts in workplace expectations too. Outside work, people are constantly immersed in consumer experiences designed to be simple, personalized and engaging.

When at work, they don't forget how they were treated as consumers. Hence employees now expect a modern experience, mirroring the one they receive as empowered consumers. They want to be treated as individuals, yet be able to seamlessly interact and collaborate with their peers. Office applications now need to be fast, simple and socially enabled while being available anytime, anywhere & on multiple devices. This shift in consumer experience coupled with increasing pace of change, demands a technology that helps workforce complete work transactions or collaborate with colleagues too. Hence, the need for Social HCM.

Adrenalin 5.0 - The Social HCM

Empower your employees and boost your business productivity. Switch from Transactional HCM to a more engaging social HCM with Adrenalin 5.0 - A single platform that delivers you social, mobility, analytics and cloud computing, giving your business the right thrust it needs.

Adrenalin 5.0, the Social HCM, allows you to keep pace with the current cross-organizational operations irrespective of the time and location in which your business functions. Break down organizational silos and help your workforce connect, collaborate and excel at a great level. It's a fusion of the most advanced of HCM services that enhances corporate and executive communication.

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