HRMS on Cloud

Adrenalin HCM On Cloud

With Adrenalin HCM on Cloud all you need is an internet connection to have complete access to the HCM suite!

Adrenalin's HR cloud software is easy to deploy and ensures that customers can setup their own application almost immediately and benefit from a secure and scalable architecture without having to go through complex and time consuming software and hardware installations.

With Adrenalin HRMS on Cloud, clients are always on the latest version of Adrenalin, there are no capital Costs and Investments in hardware, and they can easily integrate with most other technology platforms. And, users can conveniently access our software anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Adrenalin HR Cloud Integration

Adrenalin's Cloud Integration provides a variety of tools and standard connectors that ensure integration with other IT systems that can support web-service based exchange of data. Both real time and batch mode integration is supported. With Adrenalin's HR SAAS on cloud integration with most other IT systems is easy and seamless.

I. Flexibility

  • Based on an organization's business logic, Adrenalin Integration tools helps development & deployment of any type of interface with customer's application to manage information exchange between on-premise and/or cloud-based enterprise systems. Adrenalin integration tools also helps to automatically integrate data from multiple sources in a many-to-one approach, ensuring that Adrenalin is the single point of truth for employee data.
  • Adrenalin integration tools also helps to automatically integrate data from multiple sources in a many-to-one approach

II. Collaboration and Security

  • Adrenalin HRMS on Cloud can interface with most ERP, CRM, Finance, and other enterprise/IT systems thereby ensuring business continuity and operational reliability while maintaining stringent security throughout.

Adrenalin Cloud Integration Benefits

Provide Centralized

Adrenalin captures and provides information of each employee's entire employment life cycle at a touch of a button. With a central system of records containing all present and historic information about active and non active employees, achieving single source of truth has just become easy.

Data Security

Top of the line security controls in data protection & monitoring are in place and the security management system is constantly updated. Adrenalin HCM on Cloud Protects Your Data from threats or unwanted request with more than 150,000 edge servers.

Exclusive Multi Tenant Architecture

Adrenalin's isolated multi-tenant architecture makes the cloud system more secure and scalable to allow customers access to the latest updates and functionality.

No Capital Cost

No Maintenance/Support/Service cost.
Servers are not required and no Investment & maintenance is required for Hardware. No cost for upgrades.

Accurate Reporting & Prevention of Errors

With Adrenalin HRMS on Cloud, organizations are assured of accurate reporting. Availability of data in one place makes reporting (MIS / BI) easy. With access rights and an approval authorization process, errors of duplication and fraudulent errors are eliminated.

Ease of Use

Web based application that is incredibly user friendly and easy to use.

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