Make Your Employees Smile With Adrenalin Social Recognition

Social Recognition

Recognition is the best and easiest strategy to engage your team.

Every employee joins the organization with certain basic expectations. Beyond the Basic needs, there is an element of Psychological & Motivational needs an employee requires to stay motivated and perform. Many organizations fail to keep their employees motivated and hence, lose the confidence of employees. It is in this sphere that Adrenalin brings out its next in class new generation module that addresses the psychological& motivational needs of the employees.

Adrenalin's social recognition framework makes recognition simple, effective and affordable. Recognition is the best and easiest strategy to engage your team. Sending a quick congratulatory note to a fellow employee is simple and easy to do, but has a profound impact on motivation and morale. You can send virtual rewards or AQ Credit points to people, congratulate the entire team or department, and attach a photo - all with a few clicks. Employees' love the way Adrenalin makes it easy for them to recognize each others successes & let the power of praise contribute to your high-performance culture!

Adrenalin Social Recognition: What does it do?

  • Makes it easier to acknowledge employee contributions and for peers to praise them publicly. In addition, managers can also appreciate the contributions made by their team members.
  • Maintains positive energy and inspires employees by displaying the recognition received on the employee’s wall and stores the same in the employee records.
  • Employee can take advantage of their reward points (AQ & Virtual reward points) to earn badges.
  • Be a part of Elite Club by earning continuous credits.
  • Redeem earned AQ reward points from your organization’s e-store.
  • Compare and Analyze top performers by categorizing as Employee name, team, or organization.
  • Foster ‘value champions’ by linking recognition with company values and enhancing corporate culture.

How does it benefit an organization?

  • Better levels of trust between employees and management.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Recognition inspire the employees towards better teamwork.
  • Happy employees take better care of your customers, ensuring better customer satisfaction scores.
  • Engaged employees seldom leave their organizations- Lower attrition rate.
  • Negative effects such as absenteeism and stress have lesser impact on inspired employees.

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