Zolog Framework


ZOLOG is a patented framework which sits on top of Adrenalin. A world's first from Adrenalin, it enhances the power of Adrenalin.

It is an intelligent human language interface with an innovative gadget based portal layout.

It enables faster access to forms and simpler ways to complete transactions. It is interactive, efficient and intelligent. It offers predictive search apart from type forwarding to help users work faster and smarter.

Business Benefits

Ease of Use

Do more in less time
Enhance usability of
non-critical business application
Single interface for all transactions
Locates forms quickly
Transaction can be submitted by single click

Real time CXO Reports
CXO friendly report representation in the
form of gadgets/widgets
Save on Training , time-create gadgets &
Dashboards in no time
Cost Savings Collaborative platform for multiple
software application

Superior Application
Custom lookup of HRMS home page
Quick shortcuts for frequently used forms

More Fun-Beats Boredom
Ability to plug in external .NET API's (like
weather report and stock ticker) without
much developmental cost.

Shorter learning curve
Usage & functionality so user friendly
Learn in no time

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