Succession Planning System

Adrenalin Succession Planning

Identify and build talent pipeline through planning and management.

Every organization has a need to be future ready. Organization’s which are able to nurture their human intellectual capital by continuously nurturing their next generation of human resources can experience various advantages in terms of their business. An exhaustive succession planning tool can help you prepare in the face of any adversity which may strike.

Adrenalin’s next in class Succession Planning Solution caters to this very need. Adrenalin Succession Planning module is equipped to identify key positions which are in need of qualified successors in addition to proactively pinpointing employees who possess the capabilities to succeed them.


  • Identify your key positions and assess them objectively
  • Identify and track high-potential employees in the organization
  • Look for talent to fill positions with qualified internal or external candidates.
  • Create developmental plans for individuals who are identified as potential successors
  • Seamless transition to achieve better business results with your talent pipeline.
Succession Planning Software
Succession Planning Solution
Succession Management System
Determine Key Roles Determine key Roles

Recognize the key positions in you organizations and associate various competencies required to accomplish the specific role to satisfaction. Adrenalin also allows you to specify the key traits required in the successor.

Manage Nominations Manage nominations

Identify various probable successor based on a customized criteria set. Analyze the candidates by plotting them on an interactive 9-box talent grid or Perform a graphical analysis. Leverage system generated ‘Readiness Quotient’ to ensure you nominate a deserving candidate.

Development of Talent Pool Development of talent pool

Further develop the skill of your nominated candidates by using system provided mentor tools. Additionally, also assess the efficiency of the development program through scheduled informal feedback sessions or assessment feedback.

Make an Informed Decision Make an informed decision

Evaluate the developed skill set of the candidates and finalize on a successor by analyzing your business needs and the insights generated by system. Further refine the developed skills of the newly appointed successor by allocating a coach.

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