Leave Management Software

Leave Management Software

Every organization has a need to reliably track and administer leave policies inclusive of available leave, leave taken to ensure

that they are compensated appropriately.

Adrenalin's leave management system provides many benefits to an organization:

  • It provides visibility to the availability of the employee for managers
  • It provides controls in terms of accrual of leave time across various types of leaves
  • It provides employees the ability to view balances across leave types and plan their time off appropriately
  • It is integrated with the attendance system to ensure accuracy of payroll calculations and hence enables business to manage costs
Leave Tracking System
Leave Management Software
Leave Management

Adrenalin's Leave management software allows employees to easily manage the full lifecycle of leave management process from balance accrual to applying for leave supported by a robust workflow. It also ensures uniform implementation of leave policy throughout the organisation, reducing manual HR monitoring or intervention.

Key features are:

  • Applying for Leave: Employees have the ability to apply for leave online via self-service which is supported by workflow.
  • Tracking Approval: Once an employee applies for leave, the request for approval is triggered and the line manager gets a notification for approval. The status of the approval can be tracked by the employees at any time.
  • Cancel Leave: Change is a constant and it is no different with leave plans. Employees can cancel their request for leave via self-service anytime.
  • Viewing the available balances: Organizations offer different types of leave policies, which have different rules for accruing the time off that can be availed. The ability to view the balances online by the employee reduces the administrative burden of the HR of the organization.
  • Delegate Work: The employee applying for leave can delegate work to another team member to ensure that there is no disruption of work during their absence.
  • Encash Leave: Adrenalin's Leave Management System supports the ability for encashment of leave depending on the business policies.

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