360 Degree Performance Appraisal

360 Degree Feedback Form

While performance reviews and ratings help assess the progress made by the employee based on manager's perspective.

A 360 degree feedback helps to understand how well an employee has fitted into the overall schema of an organization.

Adrenalin HRMS Performance Management solution allows you to create and design your own feedback template, choose your evaluators, initiate the process and assess the feedback received. Evaluators could include peers, upwards, downwards or external people including clients, vendors whose feedbacks are quite important to you.

360 Degree Feedback Form
HRMS Performance Management Software
360 Degree Performance Form
360 Degree Performance Questionnaire Create your questionnaire

You can custom design your questionnaires, sort them into categories, designate evaluator (exclusive or inclusive), choose answer types, order and mandate the questions to fill to complete the feedback process.

Initiate 360 Degree Feedback Initiate your feedback

Templates created can be initiated for feedback specifying start and end date, feedback instruction and identifying the specific employees to provide the feedback. Our workflow configurations will enable notifications to be sent to designated evaluators to work upon their feedback.

Provide 360 Degree Feedback Provide feedback

The chosen employees can provide the feedback to all the categories of questions by rating the person based on the rating scale provided and provide additional comments to substantiate the ratings.

Create 360 Degree Feedback Template Create your feedback
template & rating scales

If you wish to create your own feedback template, our Performance management software allows you to do so, and associate your categorized questions to the same. If you already have an existing template to copy from and make modifications to it, you can do the same by copying from existing template and add/delete sections/questions within the template. By defining your rating scales you can define the relative weightage for each category under each rating and use it for the overall score calculation.

360 Degree Feedback Analyzing feedbacks

Once all the feedbacks are obtained, you can analyze the results in various reports that
we provide you,

  • Summary rating report,
  • Comments summary report
  • 360 degree feedback charts.
360 Degree Feedback Report A summary rating report

Helps analyze the ratings for each employee against each category of questions per evaluator. This can be viewed graphically as well. If you wish to print them online or export the data to excel, that is made possible too!

Evaluate 360 Degree Feedback Evaluator wise
consolidated comments

Report will help to see the list of comments provided against each category of questions by each evaluator for your employees.

Download 360 Degree Feedback A 360 degree feedback

Chart is available to view graphically the competency evaluation for each employee represented for their individual average position, group average position, individual minimum, maximum range and the overall quartile position for the competency. This report can be also exported to PDF.

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