HR Analytics

Access People Insights – anywhere, anytime!

Utilize the vast amounts of data created every day to optimize how you hire, improve workforce profitability, provide visibility and accessibility with our online report designer tool. Make informed decisions with insights at your fingertips!

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Reports and Dashboards

With Adrenalin's HR Analytics solution you can enhance your decision making having the right data at the right time.

Gain insights into your workforce with

  • Organization Trends
  • Hiring Insights
  • Gender, Age, Geographical, Qualification based insights
  • Separation Insights by length of service, by reasons
  • Talent Insights

Adrenalin 5.0 | HR Analytics

Access People Insights – anywhere, anytime!

One system for all your HR needs.

Adrenalin products are made to work together.

And they can even work with other products in your organization.

Discover HR Transformation in Action.

With a wide range of capabilities, Adrenalin will change the way you work.

Businesses are using Adrenalin to optimize People Performance.    

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