Meet Sara - Your AI-Powered HR Chatbot

By : Adrenalin eSystems   Published : January,18 2022

Meet Sara - Your AI-Powered HR Chatbot


Description: HR chatbot is going to be a game changer in the digital HR field. Sara is powered by NLP is vice activated and offers real-time interaction which makes this chatbot a 24x7 personal assistant. To read the full blog click #HR #HRChatbot #HelpDesk #AdrenalinMaxHRMS #HCMTechnology


What kind of a business would not want to have hassle free HR operations?

If that is something you have been wanting for your business then we are pleased to announce Sara, our HR chatbot that is going to enrich the user experience in a remarkable way.

The organization can stay well-connected and there’s a real-time update available for everything related to an employee’s lifecycle. With a change in how we work, owing to the pandemic, in-person interactions have reduced which has affected the functioning of businesses. Collaboration and communication channels are now required to become automated.

The Power of Digital

Adrenalin created Sara, your chatbot buddy so that it can truly digitize your business and enable a speedy growth of your business. Digital interfaces have become a must for employees and management. It enables easy communication, engagement, and facilitates the growth of businesses.

All company related FAQs can be found on the digital platform

Here’s everything that Super Sara, your chatbot for HR, has to offer:

·          Pullback and Approve Pending Transactions

·          Contextually Aware-Powered by NLP Capabilities & Multilingual

·          Easy to Maintain

·          Real-time Interaction

·          Meaningful Regular Updates

·          24x7 Personal Assistant

·          Web Crawling (This feature displays the most relevant answers to the raised queries while it navigates the Internet)

·          Voice and Text Interactions

The Cutting-Edge Functions

Your chatbot buddy offers a lot more than you can imagine! It automates a bunch of tasks that the HR department would have to otherwise carry out every month or so. It not only becomes time consuming but leaves a window for errors, thus negatively affecting the business.

Here are some HR chatbot benefits:

1.General Management

       A single platform where authorized personnel can find information related to employees’ job profile, their contact information, pending approvals, pullback transactions, and more, is going to save time for everyone involved. Along with all of this, Adrenalin’s HR chatbot offers employees a chance to express themselves and gain access to tutorials and user manuals through other social apps apart from the primary chatbot app. The onboarding experience can be improved with Sara and later on helps in increasing the efficiency with which they work


2.Talent Management

       One of the primary benefits of investing in an HR chatbot is that your business is going to experience a rise in the amount of talent! This is because the HR department is going to be able to better plan, arrange, and execute training programs for employees. Furthermore, they’ll have access to details on whether or not the training was completed, the scores, and scope of improvement. At the end of it, they will also have access to appraisals depending on every employee’s performance.

3.Attendance and Leave Management

       The best HR chatbot is going to make it easy for the HR department to regularize attendance details and make any amendments in the document depending on the data collected. The AI powered chatbot will also help employees in keeping track of their attendance record and plan their work accordingly. It keeps track of leave balances, cancelling and approving leaves, increasing the number of leaves depending on the employee and management, etc. The chatbot enables employees to check the number of leaves available to them, and thus apply through the chatbot itself to get them approved. This considerably reduces the workload on the HR department and they can focus on other pressing issues.

Invest in the Best HR Chatbot Now!

The idea of having a chatbot is to not only help the HR department but ensure that the employees feel seen and heard in their organization.

Every now and then employees may come across certain queries that need to be resolved immediately, but it’s impossible to get in touch with the concerned person. In this case, Sara would come to the rescue and provide customized information in real-time.

So, along with being cost effective, Sara is also a time and energy saving chatbot.

Get in touch withAdrenalin’s best employees to get to know Sara better.

Since Sara is powered by NLP, its gets smarter everyday with each interaction and there’s no bound to what it can do for your business.


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