5 Must-have features of an HR Recruitment Software

By : Adrenalin eSystems   Published : March,23 2022

They say it’s better to choose quality over quantity.

It holds true for businesses looking to scale up and increase the intake of employees. It puts a huge burden on the HR personnel to hire the right talent while cruising the volume of candidates.

This is where the need to invest in HR recruitment software comes in.

Modern recruiters must be involved in determining which best HR recruitment software works for them. They are aware of the everyday challenges they face as they go through resumes, schedule interviews, and onboard or offboard employees. Their expertise can help you choose a complete tool.

Reaching qualified candidates needs to be made easy in these competitive times where the market is constantly evolving.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the top 5 features of a quality HR recruitment tool and leveraging them appropriately.

The Features

An exhaustive HR recruitment software will be packed with features that enable your HR department to filter out the best talent and poach them for your organization.

As a business owner who wants growth steadily, it is necessary to provide the management and HR team with sources that will automate the majority of the recruitment and talent management processes. This allows them to focus on micro tasks and improve on areas that might have been bypassed in the past.

1.     Requisition Management

This feature of the HR recruitment software makes it easier for line managers to raise and handle requests pertaining to the need for an increase in the workforce. The top tier can be relentless when it comes to acquiring employees in bulk putting HR personnel under a lot of pressure. But automation can simplify the task. They can raise multiple vacancy requests in one go for the C-suite to review and approve. Additionally, they can easily map requests against approved open positions or as ad-hoc.

2.     Applicant Management

The software becomes a single platform where HR personnel can register candidates and create accounts for them, alongside managing and keeping track of the same. The HR recruitment software makes analyzing and sorting through multiple resumes to recommend appropriate ones for particular roles convenient. The resume bank stores each candidate’s application, whether they have come through job portals, internal/ external recommendations, or walk-ins. The HR team can track the status of each resume and stay updated on the progress in real-time.

3.     Interview and Selection Management

The best HR recruitment software will help HR personnel in setting up position-wise interviews, allow interviewers to review the candidate’s resume, select or reject the interviewee, shortlist them for further rounds, and offer the job at the end. This end to end style of management is what makes HR recruitment software a must-have. To add to all this, the interview of every candidate can be recorded for future reference or training purposes.

4.     Offer Letter Management

Once a candidate has been finalized the real challenges begin showing up. A position-wise compensation plan will have to be set up and an offer letter mentioning all the details will have to be sent out. The HR recruitment tool not only makes the execution of these tasks quick but automatically computes the CTC, creates provisions for the notice period, joining bonus, etc. Finally, the details of acceptance or rejection of the offer are collected and stored securely.

5.     Onboarding Management

One last feature that HR recruitment software comes with, is how it makes the onboarding process effortless. The HR team does not need to create multiple documents for each employee hired to work at a different position. Pre-joining activity templates can be created for every position and role which can be sent out through automated emails. The software dashboard can be customized depending on the user’s preferences.

Leveraging the Features

Just because software offers a myriad of solutions, does not mean that your organization will be able to leverage them in the best way.

It is necessary to evaluate your business’s and workforce’s needs to choose the right HR recruitment software. By understanding the current challenges, opportunities, and threats, can you reach an appropriate conclusion. Basically, a S.W.O.T analysis must be carried out.

Have a conversation with the vendor and your staff on how the system will allow your organization to manage, perform, and coordinate most of the administrative functions without compromising on the quality.

If you are a small business looking to make an early change then look for software that offers seamless integration, efficient automation facilities, and customizable dashboards.


Evaluate your choice of HR recruitment software and vendor before finalizing it. Talk to the people who are the predominant users and get their opinions on the same. They should be able to convert old challenges into opportunities with an innovative approach.

Conduct trials and analyze whether or not your current workforce will be able to adapt to the change before installing the system.

The software should streamline the hiring process through automated evaluations, communication, and other managerial tasks. It should be cost-effective, time-saving, and simple. A software that can nurture and develop the talent in your organization optimally, recruit better talent, make your employees feel appreciated, streamline your appraisals by setting realistic goals and manage people's performance.

It’s time to transform your recruitment process and aid your organization’s growth.

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