Complete Employee Lifecycle Management - Hire to Retire

Integrated and Seamless Payroll Management / Paperless transactions

Agile Performance Management - Continous Monitoring and Feedback

Employee Engagement with Learning & Development Tools

Core HCM

Use a single digital platform and automate routine tasks, leverage self-service and make strategic plans to stay ahead of competition. With single source of truth at your fingertips stay at the forefront of change aligned with future focus.

Unified Talent
Management Solution

Max Talent Management enables recruiters from on-boarding the right candidate, ensuring employee’s progress through continuous performance tracking and learning, competency management and career development.

Virtual Social Connect

An enterprise social engagement and collaboration tool that integrates all workplace activity and brings your workforce closer.

Mobile HCM

Max Mobile app’s self-service features and functionality empowers employees to transact anytime, anywhere. It also allows for goal review and tracking of employee performance.

HR Analytics

Improve your decision making with the right data at the right time. Gain insight into employee data and take appropriate business decisions.

Management System

Max PMS ensures a qualitative experience for the employee and appraiser. Continuous goal tracking and 360 degree feedback for periodic checks on the employee’s progress.


Adrenalin’s best of the breed integration approach compliments organization’s existing ecosystem. Adrenalin can be made to work seamlessly with major ERP, Finance and Payroll systems you may have running.

Flexible Architecture

Flexible architecture that allows for hosted as well as on premise model for running Adrenalin application.

Global Payroll

Max Payroll software is compatible with the Payroll and Statutory Compliances in 24 countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa. It has the flexibility to be configured in the country of choice.

Sara HR Chabot

AI powered chatbots to personalize the HR processes for employees across organization. Our chatbot reduces complexities and responds to your question in real time.

Adrenalin Learning Management System

Accelerate your learning programs with Adrenalin Learning Management System. Deliver sharply targeted training and development programs that upgrade key competencies required for business advantage, while reducing training costs and administrative overheads.


Equip your business with the right tool to achieve peaking levels of people performance. Adrenalin HRMS Software is designed to align human capital with company goals. Right from acquiring the required skill to managing end-to-end HR operations. Adrenalin's Human Resource Management Software enables your business to harness the power of human energy.