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With the millennials and gen Z making its way into the workforce, the employee-enterprise relationship is undergoing a sea change. Today, the employees have a clear view of their career progression, want a continuous dialogue around their performance and are hungry for opportunities. They want the organisation to partner in their growth and expect empowerment and rewards in return for their hard work. Whether it is a current employee or a potential one, everyone expects a high level of engagement from their companies.

Needless to say, the role of HR has also changed in this scenario. Enterprises expect a high level of efficiency from the department when it comes to hiring, engaging and retaining top talent. Moreover, leaders look up to the HR function in strategizing and achieving organisational success. HR professionals are treading the fine line to deliver high productivity while managing the human aspects of their job. 

In these times, HR tools are transforming the way enterprises work. In simple terms, HR tools are technological solutions that can automate manual and operational tasks. The HR tools in the market today are innovative, intuitive and efficient in achieving the highest possible efficiencies. It offers intelligent inputs in making crucial HR decisions. 

Let’s look at 4 HR tools that can revolutionize the way enterprises work.

1. Talent Management Tools

These tools can automate and simplify the task of aligning the right people to the right places. Adrenalin’s Max Talent is a unique solution that binds talent acquisition, performance alignment and talent development on one platform. 

The talent acquisition tool automates the entire hiring process right from the acquisition management to on-boarding the employees. Application and interview management reduce the manual workload of recruiters and allows them to focus on the strategic aspects of their jobs.

The performance management platform aligns the performance parameters of employees to the organisational goals. Moreover, it offers 360 feedback and binds compensation and rewards with appraisals. The talent development solution helps the HR department in optimising talent by subscribing to the business’ and talents unique needs. It also serves as a tool for career development and succession planning for fulfilling future needs. 

2. HR Analytics

Data is the new king, and any decision is incomplete without it. Organisations produce chunks of data daily, and there is a wealth of information hidden there. With the right reporting and dashboard tools, one can deduce meaningful information from raw data. Whether an organisation wants to study internal trends, get insights on employee behaviour or launch initiatives, data can pave the way forward. Besides, it is easier to get buy-ins from the leadership if one has data to back their suggestions.

Adrenalin’s HR Analytics tool is a powerful platform that can provide the right visibility for making informed decisions.

3. Learning Management Systems

Classroom training is effective when an organisation wants to introduce new skills to the workforce. For individual and personalized training needs, e-learning is the way forward. It allows the employees to take charge of their development, is much more convenient to use and is available on the go. Adrenalin’s Max LMS is interactive and offers gamification for higher engagement levels. Learners also get unlimited access to a seemingly infinite wealth of resources. Dashboards and reports give an overall view of the training programs. 

4. Payroll and Compliance

Processing an organisation’s payroll is no mean feat. The issue compounds when the organisation has a global footprint. Each country’s regulations are different and staying compliant is a priority. Adrenalin’s HR payroll software comes with easy and quick installation and initiation. It is easy to integrate with the employee database and comes with a formulae builder to incorporate internal salary structure.

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