Top Websites for HR Managers

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Top Websites for HR Managers

The professional life of an HR manager is as busy as it can be. Managing stakeholders, interviewing and negotiating with candidates, running training programs and handling day-to-day queries. These are just a few of the daily activities that fall on the plate of an HR manager. However, As important as it is to perform well in your job, it is equally crucial to stay updated and know the latest trends and insights. 

We have compiled a list of the best HR websites that you can visit to expand your knowledge base. You can bookmark these sites to get a daily dose of industry news and trends. Moreover, these sites can become your go-to references when you are looking for a second opinion. 

Society for Human Resource Management

With a tremendous fan-following across the globe, here is a site that is a valuable resource of information and knowledge. The website is a one-stop solution if you are looking for compliance-related news, statistics and emerging workplace challenges with their resolutions. You can also get advice from their team of HR experts for your work-related queries. Moreover, the site has a wealth of tools and forms to simplify your work. You can take a membership to get unlimited access to its wealth of tools and articles.

Here is another website that has a rich database of articles, case studies, whitepapers etc. With more than 1.7 million members, you can also get free access to their views and opinions. The best part is that you can become a member for free and also start your own blog. The site provides a wealth of resources if you are prepping for an HR certification or course. You can also join the webcasts and virtual events to network with other professionals in your field and grow.

HR bartender

The site is as interesting as its name. This brainchild of Sharyl Lauby was created with the intent of creating a friendly place for HR professionals to interact and seek advice. The site is a compilation of useful blogs full of valuable information. Whether you want an opinion on policies, practices, or HR strategies, the site has it all. Moreover, with quirky pictures and doodles, the site is a visual treat.

Fistful of Talent

Are you looking for some fun and edgy articles to read on HR? Well, here is a site that can offer you some exceptionally diverse articles on HR. It is a fresh change from topical and administrative literature that is more common in this field. The site has several contributors who have proved their mettle in this profession. You can even tune into their podcasts if you are in the mood for some interesting and informative conversations about your field.


Are you working on a crucial project and looking for easy and simple HR tools and resources? Here is a site that offers all of this and much more. You can sign up for free membership and get easy access to tonnes of articles, white papers, case studies etc. If you extend your membership to a paid one, you can get access to advanced resources like industry reports and events. Moreover, the company also offers a host of products if you are looking for an association to enhance your talent or run a compliant and successful business.

Bersin by Deloitte

Josh Bersin is a renowned name in the field of HR. He and his team work relentlessly to conduct industry surveys to gather crucial data and make insightful reports. These statistics and information can come handy when you are proposing a new initiative to your organisation’s leadership. The site has a compilation of eight blogs – Business of Talent, Talent Magnetism, Leadership Drives Business, HRevolution, Learning on the Leading Edge, People Analytics, Planning for Performance, and, Technology for Talent. Needless to say, with these blogs you can resolve several conundrums at your workplace.

HR is a dynamic and highly progressive field. Furthermore, owing to the complexities of human nature, it is not an easy profession. There are times when you may feel you are standing on crossroads. At such times, these websites can come to your rescue with varying opinions and data points. So go ahead and bookmark them for your easy future references.

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