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Adrenalin Max HR software easily integrates with Azure AD/Gmail/OKTA/SAML 2.0 for authentication using SSO.

With the wide array of application types that are now part of most enterprise customer infrastructures, organizations are looking for the most efficient and effective way to deliver access to these applications—end-to-end—regardless of their location. There are many attacks like, man-in-the-middle attack, session attack, Phishing attack that may exploit the identity of the users. Single Sign-On (SSO) is a user authentication tool that helps to access control for security mechanisms.

Adrenalin Max HR software easily integrates with Azure AD/Gmail/OKTA/SAML 2.0 for authentication using SSO. Through this the user does not have to remember all the credentials of all the applications separately.

“Instead of twelve passwords in a day, SSO securely ensures you only need one.”

User Convenience, Reduced Costs and Increased Security

SSO offers user convenience, reduced IT (help desk) costs and increased security. SSO refers to a user entering just one set of credentials for authentication and thereafter being able to access multiple applications securely and seamlessly. These applications may reside on multiple domains and the SSO system handles the user’s credentials across these domains.

The purpose of SSO is to:

  • Simplify the login and authentication process for end users
  • Enhances employee experience, makes it hassle-free
  • Restrict access to applications on the network using single control
  • Create a more secure network environment
  • Give administrators efficient and secure control over resources

SSO has significant benefits for administrators and reduces the overall administration overhead of a secure logon system. SSO provides administrators with benefits such as a significantly reduced number of password resets, a clear central management GUI, and flexible tools to configure and administer the system.

Benefits of SSO:

  1. Enhances business security

SSO helps your IT teams be more effective by increasing automation, providing enhanced security and visibility, and enabling better workflows. It directly addresses teams’ core mission of smoothly, securely, and quickly connecting employees to the tools they need to get their job done. SSO also allows faster scaling, better insight into application access, and reduced helpdesk tickets and IT costs.

  1. Easy to deploy

SSO has pre-built connectors to thousands of popular software, which saves your team from having to manually build integrations. Organizations can also connect users, without having to configure, install, or support their hardware or make changes to their firewall. SSO is easy to deploy, is highly available, and minimizes costs, ensuring simple yet secure access.

  1. Productive work for your organization

Users increasingly demand seamless access to various software they need to get their jobs done. A manual process of managing requests frustrates users. SSO enables immediate access to thousands of apps with just one click, removing the need for manual oversight and frustrating users. 

  1. Easy user access auditing

Ensuring the right people have the right level of access to sensitive data and resources can be tricky in an ever-changing business environment. This ensures transparency and visibility into access levels, with SSO, at all times. This also makes it easy for customers to audit all applications from a common log.

  1. Reduces the load of memorising several passwords

For leading businesses, having an authentication system such as SSO signifies freeing the user of the burden of remembering several passwords, and also offers significant benefits directly related to efficiency and security. Further, it also reduces calls to technical support or the IT department to solve issues related to password security. Hence, the password policy can also be maintained from a single control for all applications that are being used in a customer’s organization.

  1. Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

This is easily enabled using SSO. Adrenalin leverages this feature for MFA, which provides an additional security to access any application.

One Password for all

SSO isn’t a silver security bullet but it is one of the best tools enterprises can have to improve data compliance, avoid security threats, and save IT a lot of password issues.

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