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For an enterprise, every single business decision is crucial. Whether the organization wants to invest in a new product, expand its territory or implement a new set of policies; every move needs to be well-thought-out. Business decisions related to HR are all the more critical as they relate to the enterprise’s most important asset, its employees.

In current times, HR has evolved into a significant business partner and non-HR C-suite executives work closely with the department for building a talented workforce. The business scenario demands the department to move from its traditional transactional role to a more transformational role. 

However, at a time when HR professionals should be contributing more towards strategic decisions, they end up spending close to 14 hours a week on administrative tasks. This problem can be solved by investing in HR software and automating administrative and repetitive tasks.

The right HR software can deliver multi-pronged benefits. For starters, it helps in reducing operational tasks related to recruitment, training, onboarding etc. This can result in higher efficiency and productivity of the HR department. Besides, it can improve your employee engagement levels by giving your employees easy access to all the relevant information.

The key, however, lies in choosing the ‘right’ software. Here are a few points that you may consider while buying an HR software for your enterprise to make it a worthy business decision.

  • Know your Organisation’s Requirements– Understanding your business requirements and future growth projections can give you key insights about what you may need. An internal assessment with the business managers and employees can help you in prioritizing your needs. Besides, considering your employees’ voices will also make the acceptance of the new system a lot easier.  To achieve higher efficiency, you can discuss the everyday challenges that your HR team faces and use these inputs to make a checklist of the features that you will need. For example, your HR team may need the capability to make custom reports. Or they may need advanced analytics to understand the pulse of your enterprise. Considering their requirements will not only help in reducing their workload but also result in higher productivity and engagement of the HR department. 
  • Scalability – It will take a significant amount of time before your employees can get accustomed to the new system. Look for software that is designed to manage an expanding workforce. Otherwise, you will be looking for a new system by the time your employees get used to the current one. Frequent changes will not only impact your budget but will also cause dissatisfaction within the organisation. It will help to find a scalable solution to make the right decision. You may ask the vendor about the capabilities of the software in terms of supporting your organization’s growth. To be more specific, you can check the maximum employee strength that the software can support. You can also check for new functionalities that can be added as your organization grows. 
  • Reporting and Analytics – If there is one thing that drives most corporate decisions in today’s time, it is data. HR data is all the more crucial as it can give significant insights about the most valuable asset of your organisation – the employees. Cleansing and deducing meaningful information from data can be an arduous task. HR software with the capability of advanced reporting and analytics tools can make this job a lot easier. With these tools available at their disposal, your HR team will be able to focus on the strategic aspects of their job.
  • Seamless Integration – This is perhaps the most critical feature that you must consider while evaluating your options. Most enterprises already have some system in place. If you are looking to upgrade your HCM software, ensure that the new one is compatible with the old one. It will be a waste of your time, energy and resources if the systems do not sync during installation.
  • Customer Service – After-sales support is crucial for making a cost-effective decision and ensuring long-term success. Most trusted HR software not only provides a list of comprehensive features. It also comes with post-purchase support such as fixing bugs and other technical services. You may also want to check about the upgrades and maintenance to select the best HR software.
  • Costs – Before you finalize the HR software, get internal approval for the budget. Ask the vendors about the hidden costs, hardware/software upgrade costs and installation costs. It may also help to ask the charges for bug-fixing or future customizations. This will give you the complete picture. You will also be able to understand if this decision will reduce your overall expenses and at what cost. 

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