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Go Mobile. Be Smart. Stay Ahead.
In a connected world, people want to stay informed and have anytime access to information.

Your employees expect access to information and critical tasks. Managers need to manage their people from anywhere. Executives also need real-time data relevant to business in order to take crucial decisions. HR Software needs to set the pace for better decisions and productivity.

Adrenalin HRMS on Mobile is just the right tool to drive a successful business. It helps you stay connected to your business, wherever you are and gives you the power to take action from anywhere. We believe applications must be redesigned and reimagined for the mobile world. Therefore, the Adrenalin on Mobile app has been optimized to take advantage of the best of everything.

Modern Smart phones leverage natural human gestures - swipe, touch & type - making it simple to use. Empower your employees with smart mobile technology and witness a smarter workforce in action.

You can access our mobile application via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone Store. Put your smart phone to productive use!

HRMS on Mobile
HRMS Mobile App
HRMS Mobile Application

Key Benefits of Adrenalin HRMS on Mobile

What services can the Mobile application support?

Employees can now perform the following self-service through their mobile phones:

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